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The Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. XII OF 1982 )

Chapter II


23. (1) No person shall-
(a) make, manufacture, pack, sell, or cause to be packed or sold, or
(b) distribute, deliver, or cause to be distributed or delivered, or
(c) offer, expose or possess for sale,
any commodity in packaged form unless such package bears thereon or on a label securely attached thereto a definite, plain and conspicuous declaration, made in the specified manner, of ¬
(i) the identity of the commodity in the package;
(ii) the net quantity, in terms of the standard unit of weight or measure, of the commodity in the package;
(iii) the accurate number of the commodity contained in the package, if the commodity is packed or sold by number; and
(iv) the sale price of the package.
(2) Every package referred to in sub section (1) shall bear thereon the name of manufacturer and also of the packer or distributor.
(3) Where the package of a commodity or the label thereon bears a representation as to the number of servings of the commodity contained therein, such package or label shall also bear a statement of the net quantity (in terms of weight, measure or number) of each such serving.
(4) The statement on a package or label as to the net weight, measure or number of the contents thereof shall not include any expression which tends to qualify such weight, measure or number.
(5) Where the Government has reason to believe that there is undue proliferation of weight, measure or number in which any commodity is, or reasonable comparable commodities are, being packed for sale, distribution or delivery and such undue proliferation impairs, in the opinion of the Government, the reasonable ability of the consumer to make a comparative assessment of the prices after considering the net quantity or number of such commodity, the Government may direct the manufacturers and also the packers or distributors to sell, distribute or deliver such commodity in such standard quantities or numbers as it may specify.
(6) Whenever the retail price of a commodity in packaged form is stated in any advertisement, there shall be included in the advertisement a conspicuous declaration as to the net quantity or number of the commodity contained in the package and retail unit sale price thereof.
(7) No person shall sell, distribute or deliver for sale a package containing a commodity which is filled less than the specified capacity of such package except where it is proved by such person that the package was so filled with a view to-
(a) giving protection to the contents of such package, or
(b) meeting the requirements of machines used for enclosing the contents of such package.
(8) The Government may specify such reasonable variations in the net contents of the commodity in a package as may be caused by the method of packing or the ordinary exposure which may be undergone by such commodity after it has been introduced in trade or commerce.

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