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The Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. XII OF 1982 )

Chapter III


Prohibition of the manufacture, etc. of weights and measures without licence
24. (1) No person shall carry on the business of manufacturing, repairing or selling any commercial weight or measure or any weighing instrument or measuring instrument except in accordance with the provisions of a certificate granted under section 20.
(2) No dealer or manufacturer shall export or import any weight or measure unless he is registered under this section as such exporter or importer, as the case may be.
(3) Every person who intends to commence or continue business as an exporter or importer of any weight or measure shall make, within such time from the commencement of this Ordinance as may be prescribed an application for the inclusion of his name in the register to be maintained for the purpose.
(4) The application referred to in sub section (3) shall be made to the authorised person and every such application shall be made in such form, in such manner and on payment of such fees, not exceeding one hundred Taka, as may be prescribed.
(5) On receipt of an application referred to in sub section (3), the authorised person shall enter the name of the applicant in the register referred to in that sub section and issue to the applicant a certificate to the effect that his name has been so entered.
(6) A certificate granted under sub section (5) shall be valid for the period specified therein and may be renewed, from time to time, for such further period as may be prescribed.

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