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The Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. XII OF 1982 )

Levy of fees
63. 1[(1) The Government may, by rule made under section 64, specify fees for-
(a) approval of the model of any weight or measure intended to be made or manufactured for sale, purchase, distribution or delivery in the course of any trade or commerce;
(b) verification and stamping of test weights, poises, counter weights etc. and weights or measures of the commercial, industrial and scientific category;
(c) verification and stamping of a set of weight or measure of the working and secondary category;
(d) granting copies of any document not being a document of a confidential nature;
(e) registration of exporters or importers of weights, measures, weighing instruments or measuring instruments;
(f) any appeal preferred under this Ordinance;
(g) granting certificates of approval of model to manufacturers, repairers, or dealers relating to any weight, measure, weighing instrument or measuring instrument.]
(2) No approval, verification or stamping shall be made, copy granted, registration made or appeal entertained unless the fee prescribed therefore under sub section (1) has been paid.

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    Sub-section (1) was substituted by section 23 of the Standards of Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act, 2001 (Act No. VI of 2001)
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