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The Chittagong City Corporation Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. XXXV OF 1982 )

Chapter IX


Nuisances pertaining to trees and plantations
128. (1) The Corporation may by by-laws determine the pests of trees and plants and provide for their destruction.
(2) If any land or premises within the City is grown with rank or noxious vegetation or undergrowth, the Corporation may by notice require the owner or occupier of such land or premises to clear such vegetation or undergrowth within a specified time, and if he fails to do so within such time, the Corporation may have such vegetation or undergrowth cleared and the cost incurred thereon by the Corporation shall be deemed to be a tax levied on the owner or occupier under this Ordinance.
(3) The Corporation may, in the manner provided in the by laws, require the felling of any tree which is dangerous or the trimming of the branches of any tree which overhang and are likely to interfere with traffic or are otherwise inconvenient.
(4) The Corporation may, in the manner provided in the by laws prohibit the cultivation of any crop which is considered dangerous to public health within such part of the City as may be specified.

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