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The Bangladesh Rural Development Board Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. LIII OF 1982 )

Functions of the Board
7. (1) The functions of the Board shall be-
(a) to promote village-based primary co-operative societies and TCCAs with a view to enabling them to be autonomous, self-managed and financially viable vehicles for increasing production, employment generation and rural development;
(b) to encourage functional cooperatives for generating income and employment for the rural poor;
(c) to promote intensive irrigated agriculture as a means to cooperative development and also for efficient utilisation, through the cooperatives, of irrigation facilities based on ground and surface water;
(d) to channel and ensure productive utilisation of institutional credit through the village cooperatives and the TCCAs and simultaneously promote members accumulation of shares and savings;
(e) to encourage financially viable TCCAs to diversify activities specially in the marketing of agricultural inputs and produce as a service to their members;
(f) to arrange for effective training of members of the managing committee of village based primary cooperative societies and TCCAs and model farmers in the agricultural and rural development activities;
(g) to liaise with concerned Ministries, Departments and Agencies for mobilizing supplies, services and supports for the TCCAs and village cooperative system;
(h) to promote the District and National Federations of TCCAs with a view to progressively handing over the then promotional, motivational and educational functions in relation to rural development;
(i) to delegate to the Director General, Director and any other officer of the Board appropriate authorities and responsibilities for the achievements of the objectives of the Board;
(j) to delegate to the district and thana level officers of the Board, maximum possible financial and administrative authority to achieve the objectives of the Board;
(k) to submit to Government project and programmes consistent with its objectives and to implement them with Government approval;
(l) to approve the annual development programmes and the annual budget of the Board;
(m) to engage competent evaluation teams and research institutions to study and evaluate the progress made and problems faced in the implementation of, and in achieving the objectives of, the projects and programmes undertaken by the Board;
(n) to take such measures and exercise such other powers as it considers necessary for carrying out its functions under the Ordinance.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of sub section (1), the Board may for the performance of its functions:-
(a) undertake any work, incur any expenditure within the approved budget or any special allocation of funds, procure machinery, materials and services required for its use and enter into any agreement or contract as it may consider necessary or expedient;
(b) seek or obtain advice and assistance in the preparation or creation of a scheme from the Government, any agency of the Government, local body or any other agency or, with the permission of the Government, from any foreign Government or agency.

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