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The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890

( ACT NO. VIII OF 1890 )

Chapter II


Form of application
10. (1) If the application is not made by the Collector, it shall be by petition signed and verified in manner prescribed by the Code of Civil Procedure for the signing and verification of a plaint, and stating, so far as can be ascertained,-
(a) the name, sex, religion, date of birth and ordinary residence of the minor;
(b) where the minor is a female, whether she is married, and, if so, the name and age of her husband;
(c) the nature, situation and approximate value of the property, if any, of the minor;
(d) the name and residence of the person having the custody or possession of the person or property of the minor;
(e) what near relations the minor has, and where they reside;
(f) whether a guardian of the person or property, or both, of the minor has been appointed any person entitled or claiming to be entitled by the law to which the minor is subject to make such an appointment;
(g) whether an application has at any time been made to the Court or to any other Court with respect to the guardianship of the person or property, or both, of the minor, and, if so, when, to what Court and with what result;
(h) whether the application is for the appointment or declaration of a guardian of the person of the minor, or of his property, or of both;
(i) where the application is to appoint a guardian, the qualifications of the proposed guardian;
(j) where the application is to declare a person to be a guardian, the grounds on which that person claims;
(k) the causes which have led to the making of the application; and
(l) such other particulars, if any, as may be prescribed or as the nature of the application renders it necessary to state.
(2) If the application is made by the Collector, it shall be by letter addressed to the Court and forwarded by post or in such other manner as may be found convenient, and shall state as far as possible the particulars mentioned in sub-section (1).
(3) The application must be accompanied by a declaration of the willingness of the proposed guardian to act and the declaration must be signed by him and attested by at least two witnesses.

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