The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1983 )

104. Rules relating to engagement of seamen and maritime labour

105. Supply of seamen, etc.

106. Seaman’s identity card

107. Seaman to be in possession of Continuous Discharge Certificate

108. Loss of Continuous Discharge Certificate, etc.

109. Cancellation, etc. of Continuous Discharge Certificate

110. Certificate of fitness of seaman

111. Rules relating to manning of ships

112. Agreement with crew

113. Forms and contents of the agreement

114. Engagement in Bangladesh of single seaman for foreign ship

115. Special provisions with regard to agreements with crew of Bangladesh foreign-going ships

116. Renewal of running agreements in certain cases

117. Special provisions as to agreements with crew of home trade or coasting ships

118. Changes in crew to be reported

119. Certificate as to agreement with crew of foreign going and home trade ships

120. Certificate as to agreements with crew of coasting ships

121. Copy of agreement with crew to be made accessible to the crew

122. Alteration in agreement with the crew

123. List of crew to be furnished to Shipping Masters

124. Engagement of seamen for ships other than Bangladesh ships

124A. Agreement to meet legal requirements of the country of Registration of the ship

124B. Penalties for violating provisions of Sec. 124A

124C. Recovery of excess salary, repatriation cost, etc.

125. Engagement of seaman outside Bangladesh

126. Power to prohibit engagement of Bangladeshi seamen

127. Power to board ships and muster seamen

128. Forged Continuous Discharge Certificate, etc.

129. Power to make rules

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