The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI Of 1983 )

260. Ships not to proceed on voyage from any place not designated by Government

261. Notice to be given about day of departure

262. Power to board and inspect ship

263. Certification and survey

264. Special power to make rules

265. Cooking food prohibited

266. Applicability of section 254 to certain certificates

267. List of departing special trade passenger

268. List of arriving special trade passenger

269. Deaths on Board

270. Medical Officers and attendants

271.Penalty for non compliance with requirements as to statements concerning special trade passengers

272. Penalty for failing to supply special trade passengers with prescribed provisions

273. Penalty for ship unlawfully departing or receiving passengers on board

274. Penalty for fraudulent alteration in ship after certificate obtained

275. Penalty for landing special trade passenger at a port or place other than that contracted for

276. Forwarding of passengers by Bangladesh Consular Officers

277. Recovery of expenses incurred in forwarding passengers

278. Information to be sent to ports of embarkation and disembarkation

279. Information sent under section 278, etc. to be admissible in evidence

280. Additional provisions for special trade passenger ships carrying pilgrims

281. Bond where special trade passenger ship is to carry pilgrims on outward voyage

282. Medical inspection and permission required before embarkation of pilgrims

283. Medical inspection after embarkation in certain cases

284. Return passage to be secured

285. Issue or production of tickets

286. Refund of deposits and passage money

287. Unclaimed deposits and passage money to vest in Government

288. Cost of return journey of pilgrims on ships other than those for which return ticket is available

289. Notice of proceeding of special trade passenger ship carrying pilgrims on voyage

290. Compensation for delay in departing or proceeding on voyage

291. Substitution of ships

292. Sanitary taxes payable by the Master

293. Power to make rules

294. Compliance with International Health Regulations

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