The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1983 )

13. Application

14. Registration

15. Ports of registry

16. Registrar General

17. Register Book

18. Application for registration

19. Survey and measurement of ships before registration

20. Marking of ship

21. Declaration of ownership on registration

22. Evidence on first registration

23. Registration of ships

24. Documents to be retained by Registry

25. Power of Government to inquire into title of ship to be registered as Bangladesh ship

26. Grant of certificate of registry

27. Custody and use of Certificate

28. Power to grant new Certificate when original Certificate is defaced, lost, etc.

29. Endorsement of change of master on Certificate of Registry

30. Endorsement on Certificate of change of ownership

31. Delivery of Certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be a Bangladesh ship

32. Provisional Certificate for ships becoming Bangladesh ships abroad

33. Temporary pass in lieu of Certificate of Registry

34. Restriction on conversion of ship

35. Transfer of registry of Bangladesh ships.

36. Mode of transfer of ships, etc.

37. Transmission of property in Bangladesh ship on death, insolvency, etc.

38. Order for sale where ship has ceased to be a Bangladesh ship

39. Transfer of ship on sale by order of Court.

40. Mortgage of ship or share, etc.

41. Entry of discharge of mortgage.

42. Mortgagee not deemed to be owner

43. Rights of mortgagee

44. Mortgage not affected by insolvency

45. Transfer of mortgage

46. Transmission of interest in mortgage in certain circumstances

47. Name of Bangladesh ship not to be changed, etc.

48. Registry of alterations

49. Provisional Certificate and endorsement where ship is to be registered anew

50. Procedure for registration anew

51. Restriction on re-registration of abandoned ships

52. National colours for ships

53. Unlawful assumption or concealment of Bangladesh character, etc.

54. Bangladesh ships to hoist proper national colours in certain cases

55. National character of ships to be declared before clearance

56. Liabilities of ships not registered as Bangladesh ships

57. Proceedings on forfeiture of ship

58. Notice of trust not received

59. Liability of owners

60. Inspection of Register Book and admissibility of certain documents in evidence

61. Power to register Government ships

62. Special powers for Magistrates

63. Power to make rules

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