The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1983 )

295. Countries to which the Safety and Load Line Convention apply

296. Construction of passenger ships

297. Construction of cargo ships

298. Power to make rules with respect to the construction and survey of cargo ships, etc.

299. Rules as to life saving and fire appliances, etc.

300. Inspection of life saving appliances, etc.

301. Control of water tight openings

302. Stability information and damage control

303. Requirements of radio telegraph and radio telephone apparatus

304. Requirements as to radio direction finding apparatus

305. Radio log

306. Inspection, etc.

307. Application of Chapter to foreign ships

308. Power to make rules

309. Qualified Passenger Ship Safety Certificates

310. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificates and Qualified Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificates

311. Cargo Ship Safety Radio telegraphy Certificates, etc.

312. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificates

313. Exemption Certificates

314. Duration of Certificates

315. Modification of Passenger Ship Safety Certificates in respect of life- saving appliances

316. Acceptance of Certificates issued outside Bangladesh

317. Issue of Certificates to ships of foreign countries

318. Issue by foreign Governments of Certificates of Bangladesh ships

319. Prohibition on proceeding to sea without certificates

320. Government may authorise persons to perform certain functions

321. Production of certificates by ships other than Bangladesh ships

322. Application of sections 251, 252, 253 and 254 to Certificates

323. Power of Government to make rules

324. Power to exempt ships from provisions of this Chapter

325. Power to make rules as to load lines

326. Marking of deck line and load lines

327. Submersion of load lines

328. Submersion of sub division load lines in case of passenger ships

329. Penalty for submersion of load lines and sub division load lines

330. Offences in relation to marks

331. Inspection of ships with respect to load lines

332. Issue and duration, etc., of Load Line Certificates

333. Issue and duration, etc., of Exemption Certificates

334. Ships not to proceed to sea without Certificate

335. Publication of Load Line Certificate and particulars relating to depth of loading

336. Insertion of particulars as to load lines in agreements with crew

337. Load Line Certificates of ships other than Bangladesh ships

338. Inspection and control of foreign ships belonging to countries to which the Load Line Convention applies

339. Certificate of ship other than Bangladesh ship to be produced to Customs

340. Marking of deck line and load lines of ships other than Bangladesh ships

341. Submersion of load line of ships other than Bangladesh ships

342. Inspection of ships belonging to non Convention countries

343. Provisions relating to Load Line Certificates of ships other than Bangladesh ships

344. Certificates to be produced to Customs by ships belonging to non-Convention countries

345. Power to make rules as to deck cargo

346. Tonnage of spaces occupied by deck cargo to be added to registered tonnage

347. Carriage of dangerous goods

348. Carriage of grain

349. Carriage of bulk cargoes other than grain, etc.

350. Unseaworthy ships

351. Unseaworthy ship not to be sent to sea

352. Obligation of owner to crew with respect to seaworthiness

353. Power to detain unsafe ship and procedure for detention

354. Liability of Government for cost and damages to a ship wrongly detained

355. Liability of ship-owner for costs when ship rightly detained

356. Method of calculating costs of detention and survey

357. Power to require from complainant security for costs, etc.

358. Costs, etc., payable by Government to be recovered from complainant

359. Application to ships other than Bangladesh ships of provisions as in detention

360. Detention, etc., of foreign ships in cases to which section 359 does not apply

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