The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1983 )

480. Certain persons to be deemed public servants

481. Jurisdiction of Magistrates

482. Place of trial of the offender

483. Enforcement of penalties in certain cases

484. Special provision regarding punishment

485. Offences by companies, etc.

486. Depositions to be received in evidence when witness cannot be produced

487. Procedure in certain allegations in desertion cases

488. Jurisdiction over ships lying off the coasts

489. Jurisdiction in case of offences on board ships

490. Power to detain foreign ship that has occasioned damage

491. Enforcing detention of ship

492. Levy of wages, etc. by distress of movable property

493. Levy of wages, fines, etc. by distress of ship

494. Notice to be given to consular representative of proceedings to be taken in respect of foreign ships

495. Service of documents

496. Proof of attestation not required

497. Application of fines

498. Fee for establishing or aiding training institutions

499. Inquiry into cause of death on board of Bangladesh ship

500. Power to appoint examiners and to make rules as to qualifications of Surveyor of ships

501. No person to practise as Surveyor of ships unless qualified

502. Penalty for practising as Surveyor of ships without certificate

503. Powers of Surveyors

504. Decision of Consular Officer to be final until ship returns to final port of discharge in Bangladesh

505. Penalty for hindering or obstructing execution of duties, etc.

506. General power to make rules

507. Penalty and procedure for breach of rules and regulations

508. Power to appoint officers to try certain offences, etc.

509. Power to appoint Committees on rules and scales

510. Power to exempt ships from the provisions of the Ordinance

511. Indemnity

512. Repeals

513. Savings

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