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The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI Of 1983 )

Chapter 20


Cost of return journey of pilgrims on ships other than those for which return ticket is available
288. (1) The master, owner or agent of a special trade passenger ship carrying pilgrims shall make all arrangements for ensuring the return from Jeddah, within a period of ninety days after the Hajj day in the year, of all pilgrims in possession of return tickets issued in Bangladesh who are carried to the Hedjaz by such ship:
Provided that for the purpose of computing the said period of ninety days, no period shall be taken into account during which the ship is prevented from carrying pilgrims on the return passage by reason of the port of Jeddah, having been declared by proper authority to be infected, or by reason of war disturbance, or any other cause not arising from any act or default of the master, owner or agent.
(2) Where any such pilgrim who has notified the authority in the prescribed manner his desire to embark for the return voyage is, owing to his inability to obtain accommodation within the period of ninety days as aforesaid, detained at Jeddah beyond that period, the master, owner or agent of the ship in which such pilgrim was carried to the Hedjaz shall reimburse to the Government in respect of such pilgrim the actual expenditure incurred for his repatriation, together with a sum of one hundred Taka for each day after the expiry of the period aforesaid during which the pilgrim has been detained at Jeddah.
(3) A certificate of such detention purporting to be made and signed by the Bangladesh Consular Officer at Jeddah shall be received in evidence in any Court in Bangladesh without proof of the signature or of the official character of the person who has signed the same.

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