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The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI Of 1983 )

Chapter 30


Right of contribution
378. (1) Whenever loss of life or personal injuries are suffered by a person on board a ship owing to the fault of that ship and of any other ship or ships and a proportion of the damages is recovered from the owner of one of the ships which exceeds the proportion in which she was in fault, the said owner may recover by way of contribution the amount of the excess from the owners of the other ship or ships, to the extent to which those ships were respectively in fault:
Provided that no amount shall be so recovered which could not, by reason of any statutory or contractual limitation of, or exemption from liability, or which could not for any other reason, have been recovered in the first instance as damages by the persons entitled to sue therefore.
(2) In addition to any other remedy provided by law, the person entitled to any contribution under sub section (1) shall, for the purpose of recovering the contribution, have, subject to the provisions of this Ordinance, the same rights and powers as the persons entitled to sue for damages in the first instance.

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