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The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXVI OF 1983 )

Chapter 34


Shipping casualties and report thereof
415. (1) For the purpose of inquiries and investigations under this Part, a shipping casualty shall be deemed to occur when-
(a) on or near the coasts of Bangladesh, including the territorial waters thereof, any ship is lost, abandoned, stranded or materially damaged;
(b) any ship causes loss or material damage to any other ship on or near such coasts, or within such waters;
(c) any loss of life ensues by reason of any casualty happening to or on board any ship on or near those coasts, or within such waters;
(d) in any place, any such loss, abandonment, stranding, material damage or casualty as above mentioned occurs to or on board any Bangladesh ship, and any competent witness thereof is found in Bangladesh;
(e) any Bangladesh ship is lost or is supposed to have been lost, and any evidence is obtainable in Bangladesh as to the circumstances under which she proceeded to sea or was last heard of.
(2) In the cases mentioned in clause (a), (b) and (c) of sub-section (1), the master or other person in charge of the ship, or where two or more ships are concerned, in charge of each ship at the time of shipping casualty, shall give immediate notice of the shipping casualty to the officer appointed in this behalf by the Government; and if such officer is not the Principal Officer himself, he shall inform the nearest Principal Officer of the shipping casualty.
(3) In the case mentioned in clause (d) of sub section (1), where the master of the ship concerned, or, except in the case of a loss, where the ship concerned proceeds to any place in Bangladesh from the place where the shipping casualty has occurred, the master of the ship shall, on arriving in Bangladesh, give immediate notice of the shipping casualty to the nearest Principal Officer. (4) Any person bound to give notice under this section and wilfully failing to give the same shall be punishable with fine which may extend to twenty thousand Taka.
(5) Whenever any Principal Officer receives, by notice as aforesaid or otherwise, credible information that a shipping casualty has occurred, he shall forthwith communicate in writing the information to the Government.

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