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The Marine Fisheries Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. XXXV OF 1983 )

Licence to be subject to certain conditions
16. (1) Each licence shall be subject to such conditions as may be specified in this Ordinance and in any rules made thereunder, and as may be otherwise endorsed upon such licence by the Director.
(2) In particular, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing sub-section, the Director may attach all or any of the following terms and conditions to any licence, namely:-
(a) the areas within which, and the period during which, fishing is authorised;
(b) the species, size, sex, age and quantities of fish that may be caught or taken;
(c) the methods by which fish may be caught or taken;
(d) the types, size and amount of fishing gear that may be used by the fishing vessel;
(e) statistical and other information required to be given by the skipper to the Government, including statistics relating to catch and effort and also reports as to the position of the vessels;
(f) the keeping on board the fishing vessel the licence issued in respect of it;
(g) the marking of the fishing vessel and other means for its identification;
(h) such other matters as the Director may consider necessary or expedient for the management, conservation and development of fisheries resources of Bangladesh.
(3) In addition to the terms and conditions which may be imposed on any licence under sub section (2), the Director may make applicable to foreign fishing vessels all or any of the following terms and conditions, namely:- (a) entry by foreign fishing vessels into Bangladesh ports for the inspection of its catch which is subject to customs formalities and for any other purpose; (b) the specification of points of entry into, and departure from, the Bangladesh fisheries waters;
(c) the protection of local fisheries;
(d) the execution of bonds or other forms of security for the duration of the licence;
(e) the reporting of the position by the foreign fishing vessel while within, or about to enter, the Bangladesh fisheries waters;
(f) the directions and instructions given by the authorised officers from the Government ships or aircrafts to the foreign fishing vessel that shall be complied with by the skipper;
(g) the installation and maintenance in working order of a transponder or other equipment on the foreign fishing vessel for the identification and location of the vessel and of adequate navigational equipment to enable its position to be fixed from the vessel;
(h) the carriage on board the foreign fishing vessels of specified communication equipment, specified nautical charts, nautical publications and nautical instruments;
(i) the placing of observers on the foreign fishing vessel and the reimbursement to the Government of the costs of doing so;
(j) the training of citizens of Bangladesh in the methods of fishing employed by the foreign fishing vessel and the transfer to Bangladesh of technology relating to fisheries;
(k) the conduct by the fishing vessel of specified programmes of fisheries research.

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