The Railways Act, 1890

( ACT NO. IX OF 1890 )

Forfeitures by the Railway Companies

87-98. [Omitted]

Offences by the Railway Servants

99. Breach of duty imposed by section 60

100. Drunkenness

101. Endangering the safety of persons

102. Compelling passengers to enter carriages already full

103. Omission to give notice of accident

104. Obstructing level-crossings

105. False returns

Other offences

106. Giving false account of goods

107. Unlawfully bringing dangerous or offensive goods upon the railway

108. Needlessly interfering with means of communication in a train

108A. Alighting from a train at a place not fixed for the purpose

109. Entering compartment reserved or already full or resisting entry into a compartment not full

110. Smoking

111. Defacing public notices

112. Fraudulently travelling or attempting to travel without proper pass or ticket

113. Travelling without pass or ticket or with insufficient pass or ticket of beyond authorised distance

113A. Power to remove persons from the railway carriage

114. Transferring any half of return ticket

115. Disposal of fines under the two last foregoing sections

116. Altering or defacing pass or ticket

117. Being or suffering person to travel on railway with infectious or contagious disorder

118. Entering carriage in motion, or otherwise improperly travelling on the railway

119. Entering carriage or other place reserved for females

120. Drunkenness or nuisance on the railway

121. Obstructing railway servant in his duty

122. Trespass and refusal to desist from trespass

123. Disobedience of omnibus drivers to directions of the railway servants

124. Opening or not properly shutting gates

125. Cattle-trespass

126. Maliciously wrecking or attempting to wreck a train

127. Maliciously hurting or attempting to hurt persons travelling by the railway

128. Endangering safety of persons travelling by the railway by wilful act or omission

129. Endangering safety or persons travelling by the railway by rash or negligent act or omission


130A. Power to detain and search in cases of suspected theft

Other offences

130. Special provision with respect to the commission by children of acts endangering safety of persons travelling by the railway


131. Arrest for offences against certain sections

132. Arrest of persons likely to abscond or unknown

133. Magistrates having jurisdiction under Act

134. Place of trial

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