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The Railways Act, 1890

( ACT NO. IX OF 1890 )

Chapter III


Authority of railway administrations to execute all necessary works
7. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and, in the case of immoveable property not belonging to the railway administration, to the provisions of any enactment for the time being in force for the acquisition of land for public purposes
1[* * *] the railway administration may, for the purpose of constructing the railway or the accommodation or other works connected therewith, and notwithstanding anything in any other enactment for the time being in force,-
(a) make or construct in, upon, across, under or over any lands, or, any streets, hills, valleys, roads, the railway 2[* * *] or any rivers, canals, brooks, streams or other waters, or any drains, water-pipes, gas-pipes or telegraph lines, such temporary or permanent inclined planes, arches, tunnels, culverts, embankments, aqueducts, bridges, roads, lines of the railway, ways, passages, conduits, drains, piers, cuttings and fences as the railway administration thinks proper;
(b) alter the course of any rivers, brooks, streams, or watercourses, for the purpose of constructing and maintaining tunnels, bridges, passages or other works over or under them, and divert or alter, as well temporarily as permanently, the course of any rivers, brooks, streams or watercourses or any roads, streets or ways, or raise or sink the level thereof, in order the more conveniently to carry them over or under or by the side or the railway, as the railway administration thinks proper;
(c) make drains or conduits into, through or under any lands adjoining the railway for the purpose of conveying water from or to the railway;
(d) erect and construct such houses, warehouses, offices and other buildings, and such yards, stations, wharves, engines, machinery, apparatus and other works and conveniences as the railway administration thinks proper;
(e) alter, repair or discontinue such buildings, works and conveniences as aforesaid or any of them and substitute others in their stead; and
(f) do all other acts necessary for making, maintaining, altering or repairing and using the railway.
(2) The exercise of the powers conferred on the railway administration by sub-section (1) shall be subject to the control of the Government.

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