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The Railways Act, 1890

( ACT NO. IX OF 1890 )

Chapter VI



General rules
47. (1) 1[The railway administration or], an officer to be appointed by the Government in this behalf, shall make general rules consistent with this Act for the following purposes, namely:-
(a) for regulating the mode in which, and the speed at which, rolling-stock used on the railway is to be moved or propelled;
(b) for providing for the accommodation and convenience of passengers and regulating the carriage of their luggage;
(c) for declaring what shall be deemed to be, for the purposes of this Act, dangerous or offensive goods, and for regulating the carriage of such goods;
(d) for regulating the conditions on which the railway administration will carry passengers suffering from infectious or contagious disorders, and providing for the disinfection of carriages which have been used by such passengers;
(e) for providing for and regulating the duties of the railway servants in relation to train operations;
(f) for regulating the terms and conditions on which the railway administration will warehouse or retain goods at any station on behalf of the consignee or owner; and
(g) generally, for regulating the travelling upon, and the use, working and management of, the railway.
(2) The rules made under sub-section (1) may provide that any person committing a breach of any of those rules, except those falling under clause (e) of that sub-section, shall be punished with fine which may extend to any sum not exceeding fifty Taka.
(3) A rule made under this section shall not take effect until it has received the sanction of the Government and been published in the official Gazette:
Provided that-
(a) [Omitted by Article 2 and Schedule of the Central Laws (Adaptation) Order, 1961.]
(b) where the rule is in the terms of a rule which has already been published at length in the official Gazette, a notification in that Gazette referring to the rule already published and announcing the adoption thereof, shall be deemed a publication of a rule in the official Gazette within the meaning of this sub-section.
(4) [Omitted by Article 2 and Schedule of the Central Laws (Adaptation) Order, 1961.]
2[* * *]
(6) The railway administration shall keep at each station on its railway a copy of the general rules for the time being in force under this section on the railway, and shall allow any person to inspect it free of charge at all reasonable times.

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