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The Railways Act, 1890

( ACT NO. IX OF 1890 )

Chapter VI


Carriage of Property

Dangerous or offensive goods
59. (1) No person shall be entitled to take with him, or to require the railway administration to carry, any dangerous or offensive goods upon the railway.
(2) No person shall take any such goods with him upon the railway without giving notice of their nature to the station-master or other railway servant in charge of the place where he brings the goods upon the railway, or shall tender or deliver any such goods for carriage upon the railway without distinctly marking their nature on the outside of the package containing them or otherwise giving notice in writing of their nature to the railway servant to whom he tenders or delivers them.
(3) Any railway servant may refuse to receive such goods for carriage, and, when such goods have been so received without such notice as is mentioned in sub-section (2) having to his knowledge been given, may refuse to carry them or may stop their transit.
(4) If any railway servant has reason to believe any such goods to be contained in a package with respect to the contents whereof such notice as is mentioned in sub-section (2) has not to his knowledge been given, he may cause the package to be opened for the purpose of ascertaining its contents.
(5) Nothing in this section shall be construed to derogate from the Explosives Act, 1884, or any rule under that Act, and nothing in sub-section (1), (3) and (4) shall be construed to apply to any goods tendered or delivered for carriage by order or on behalf of the Government or to any goods which an officer, soldier, sailor, airman or police-officer 1[* * *] may take with him upon the railway in the course of his employment or duty as such.

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