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The Local Government (Union Parishads) Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LI OF 1983 )

Revenue and general administrative functions of Union Parishads
32. (1) It shall be the duty of the Chairman-
(a) to assist village revenue officials in the union, by whatever name called or howsoever designated, in the proper performance of their duties with regard to the collection of rent or land development tax and the general administration;
(b) to render such assistance in the preparation of records and assessments, and in the work of survey or crop inspection, and of other branches of revenue administration in the union as the Deputy Commissioner may require;
(c) to report to the police the commission of any offence, to bring to the notice of the police the presence in the union of persons of notorious character, and to assist in the investigation and prevention of crime, and in arresting criminals;
(d) to report to competent authority all cases of damage to or encroachments upon any public road, street or way, or any public place, building or property;
(e) to publicise in the union all matters the publicity of which is required by the Government or other competent authority; and
(f) to assist officials in the execution of their official duties, and to furnish such information as may be required by them for official purposes.
(2) Nothing in sub section (1) shall be construed as authorising the Chairman to interfere in the performance by any official of his official duties.

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