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The Local Government (Union Parishads) Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LI OF 1983 )

Suspension of Chairman and members in certain circumstances
65. (1) Where any proceedings have been initiated for the removal of the Chairman under section 12 or where any criminal proceedings under any law have been started against such Chairman or where on an enquiry by the Government, he is found to be guilty of any misconduct within the meaning of section 12(1) and in the opinion of the Government, the exercise of power by him as Chairman is either likely to be prejudicial to the interest of the Union Parishad or undesirable from the point of view of public interest, the Government may, by order in writing, place such Chairman under suspension; and during the period of suspension, an Acting Chairman elected in accordance with the provisions of section 16 shall discharge the functions of the Chairman until the termination of the proceedings or, in the event of the Chairman being removed as a result of such proceedings, or until the suspension is withdrawn or until a new Chairman is elected for the Union Parishad.
(2) When an order of suspension has been made under sub section (1), the Chairman shall, not later than three days from the date of communication of the order, make over charge of his office to the Acting Chairman to discharge the functions of the Chairman.
(3) A member may be suspended from his office on any ground as mentioned in section 12(1) if, at a special meeting of the Parishad called for the purpose, a resolution to the effect that he is liable to be so suspended is passed by the votes of not less than three fourths of the total number of members:
Provided that no such resolution shall be passed unless the member concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the resolution proposed to be passed with respect to him.
(4) No Court shall enquire into or question the validity of any order made under sub section (1).

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