The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

51. Necessity for permits

52. Power to the Government to control road transport

53. Power of Government to issue orders and directions

54. Transport Committees

55. Road Transport Advisory Council, etc.

56. [Transport Vehicle] Terminal Authority

57. General provisions as to applications for permits

58. Application for stage carriage permit

59. Procedure of Transport Committee in considering application for stage carriage permit

60. Grant of stage carriage permits

61. Application for contract carriage permit

62. Procedure of Transport Committee in considering application for contract carriage permit

63. Power to restrict the number of contract carriages and impose conditions on contract carriage permits

64. Application for private carriers permit

65. Conditions to be attached and procedure to be followed in granting private carrier’s permit

66. Application for public carrier’s permit

67. Procedure in considering application for public carrier’s permit

68. Conditions to be attached to public carrier’s permit

69. Procedure in applying for and granting permits

70. Duration and renewal of permits

71. General conditions attaching to all permits

72. Cancellation and suspension of permits

73. Transfer of permit on death of holder

74. Temporary permits

75. Validation of permits for use outside region in which granted

76A. Restriction of hours of work of workers

76. Appeals

77. Restriction of hours of work of drivers

78. Voidance of contracts restrictive of liability

79. Agent or canvasser to obtain licence

80. Power to make [regulations] as to stage carriages and contract carriages

81. Power to make [regulations] for the purpose of this Chapter

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