The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

108. Definitions

109. Necessity for insurance against third party risk

110. Requirements of policies and limits of liability

111. No fault liability

112. Duty of insurers to satisfy judgements against persons insured in respect of third party risks

113. Rights of third parties against insurers on insolvency of the insured

114. Duty to give information as to insurance

115. Settlement between insurers and insured persons

116. Saving in respect of sections 113, 114 and 115

117. Insolvency of insured persons not to affect liability of insured or claims by third parties

118. Effect of death on certain causes of action

119. Effect of certificate of insurance

120. Transfer of certificate of insurance

121. Duty to surrender certificate on cancellation of policy

122.Duty of insurer to notify registering authority cancellation or suspension of the policy

123.Production of certificate of insurance

124. Production of certificate of insurance on application for authority to use vehicle

125. Co operative insurance

126. Duty to furnish particulars of vehicle involved in accident

127. Claims Tribunals

128. Application for compensation

129. Option regarding claims for compensation cases

130. Procedure to be followed by Claims Tribunal

131. Procedure and powers of Claims Tribunal

132. Award of compensatory costs in certain cases

133. Appeals

134. Recovery of money due under award

135. Bar on the jurisdiction of Civil Courts

136. Power to make [regulations]

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