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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter II


Power of licensing authority to disqualify for holding a driving licence
16. (1) If a licensing authority is satisfied after giving him an opportunity of being heard that any person-
(a) is a habitual criminal or a habitual drunkard, or
(b) is using or has used a motor vehicle in the commission of a cognizable offence, or
(c) has by his previous conduct as driver of a motor vehicle shown that his driving is likely to be attended with danger to the public, or
(d) has committed an offence specified in the Fifth Schedule,
it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, make an order disqualifying that person for a specified period for holding or obtaining a driving licence.
(2) Upon the issue of any such order, a person affected, if he is the holder of a driving licence, shall forthwith surrender his driving licence to the licensing authority making the order, if the driving licence has not already been surrendered, and the licensing authority shall-
(a) if the driving licence is a driving licence issued under this Ordinance keep it until the disqualification has expired or has been removed, or
(b) if it is not a driving licence issued under this Ordinance endorse the disqualification upon it and send it to the licensing authority by which it was issued.
(3) Any person aggrieved by an order made by a licensing authority under this section may, within thirty days of the receipt of the order, appeal to the prescribed authority, and such appellate authority shall give notice to the licensing authority and hear either party if so required by that party and may make such inquiry into the matter as it thinks fit. An order made by any such appellate authority shall be final.

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