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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter V


Grant of stage carriage permits
60. (1) Subject to the provisions of section 59, a Transport Committee may, on an application made to it under section 58, grant a stage carriage permit in accordance with the application or with such notifications as it deems fit or refuse to grant such a permit:
Provided that a permit granted in a modified form shall not be made valid for any route not specified in the application thereof unless the applicant and existing operators providing passenger transport facilities in or near that route have been given an opportunity of being heard.
(2) Every stage carriage permit shall be expressed to be valid only for a specified route or for a specified area.
(3) A Transport Committee, if it decides to grant a stage carriage permit, may grant the permit for a service of a stage carriage of specified description or for one or more particular stage carriages and may, subject to any 1[regulations] that may be made under this Ordinance, attach to the permit any one or more of the following conditions, namely:-
(i) that the service or services or any specified part thereof shall be commenced with effect from a specified date or dates;
(ii) the minimum and maximum of daily trips to be provided in relation to any route or area generally or on specified days and occasions;
(iii) that the copies of time table of the service or of particular stage carriage approved by the Transport Committee shall be exhibited on the vehicles and at the bus stands and halts on the route or within the area as the Transport Committee may, from time to time, specify;
(iv) that the service shall be operated within such margins of deviation from the approved time table as the Transport Committee may from time to time specify;
(v) that on certain routes or in a certain areas or places passengers or goods shall not be taken up or set down except at specified places specified by the Transport Committee;
(vi) that, subject to such exceptions of specified occasions or at specified times and seasons, not more than specified number of passengers or a specified weight of luggage shall be carried on any specified vehicle or any vehicle of a specified type;
(vii) the weight and nature of passengers' luggage that shall be carried free of charges, the total weight of luggage that may be carried in relation to each passenger and the arrangements that shall be made for the carriage of luggage without causing inconvenience to passengers;
(viii) the rate of charges that may be levied for passengers' luggage in excess of the free allowances;
(ix) that vehicle of specified types fitted with bodies conforming to specified specifications shall be used and specified standards of comfort and cleanliness shall be maintained in the vehicle;
(x) the conditions subject to which goods may be carried in any stage carriage in addition to the exclusion of passengers;
(xi) that a copy or extract from the approved fare table and particulars of any special fares or rates of fares so approved for particular occasions shall be exhibited on every stage carriage and at specified stands and halts;
(xii) that fares shall be charged in accordance with the approved fare table;
(xiii) that tickets bearing specified particulars shall be issued to passengers for fares paid and that records of tickets issued shall be kept in a specified manner;
(xiv) that mails shall be carried on any of the vehicles authorised by the permit subject to such conditions
(including conditions as to the time in which mails are to be carried and the charge which may be levied) as may be specified;
(xv) the conditions subject to which any vehicle covered by the permit may be used as a contract carriage;
(xvi) that the conditions of the permit shall not be departed from save with the approval of Transport Committee;
(xvii) that any specified bus station or shelter maintained by the Government or any local authority or another transport organisation shall be used and that any specified rent or fee shall be paid for its use;
(xviii) that the Transport Committee may, after giving notice of not less than one month-
(a) vary conditions of the permit;
(b) attach to the permit further conditions;
(xix) that the holder of the permit shall, after having been given an opportunity of being heard, be liable on the orders of the Transport Committee to pay penalty not exceeding the prescribed maximum if the Transport Committee is satisfied that the services are not being maintained in accordance with the permit or are not punctual or that the conduct of the driver or conductor generally in their relations with the passenger is objectionable, or that any conditions of the permit has been contravened;
(xx) that the holder of a permit shall furnish to the Transport Committee such periodical returns, statistics and other information as the 2[Authority] may decide from time to time;
(xxi) that the stage carriage shall be used in connection with any state duty at such rate of hire as the permit relating to the vehicle authorises;
(xxii) that some seats shall be reserved for ladies in the stage carriage;
(xxiii) that First Aid Box and fire extinguisher of an approved type shall be carried in the stage carriage;
(xxiv) that a call bell connection between the driver and the conductor shall be arranged in the stage carriage;
(xxv) that the driver and the conductor of the stage carriage shall be cleanly dressed in the manner specified by the Transport Committee;
(xxvi) that no unlicensed person to help the conductor or the driver shall be carried in the stage carriage;
(xxvii) that no conductor shall stand on the foot board or hang on the sides of the vehicles either when stationary or moving;
(xxviii) that the stage carriage shall not be used without paying the taxes that may be levied by any competent authority having jurisdiction over the area;
(xxix) that the chart of approved haltages shall be exhibited in the stage carriage; or
(xxx) any other condition which may be prescribed.

  • 1
    The word “regulations” was substituted for the word “rules” by section 25 of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 1988 (Act No. XXVII of 1988)
  • 2
    The word “Authority” was substituted for the word “Government” by section 25 of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 1988 (Act No. XXVII of 1988)
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