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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter V


Procedure in considering application for public carrier’s permit
67. (1) In considering an application for a public carrier's permit, made under section 66, a Transport Committee shall have regard to the condition of the roads included in the proposed area or route, interest of public in general and the advantages to the public of the service to be provided and shall also satisfy itself, that the vehicles to which the application relates is road-worthy and mechanically fit, it may grant a public carrier's permit in accordance with the application or with such modifications as it deems fit or refuse to grant such a permit:
Provided that, no such permit shall be granted in respect of any area or route not specified in the application:
Provided further that other conditions being equal, an application for a public carrier's permit from a co operative society registered or deemed to have been registered under any enactment in force for the time being shall as far as may be, be given preference over applications from individual owners.
(2) If the applicant is the holder of a public carrier's permit which has been suspended or has been the holder of a public carrier's permit which has been revoked, the Transport Committee may, in its discretion, notwithstanding anything contained in sub section (1), reject the application.

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