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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter VI


Power to make rules
84. (1) The Government may make rules regulating the construction, equipment and maintenance of motor vehicles and trailers and the establishment, registration, operation and supervision of motor vehicles repairing workshop.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, rules may be made under this section governing any of the following matters either generally in respect of motor vehicles or trailers or in respect of motor vehicles or trailers of a particular class or in particular circumstances, namely: -
(a) the width, height, length and overhang of vehicles and of the loads carried;
(b) seating arrangements in public service vehicles and the protection of passengers against the weather;
(c) the size, nature and condition of tyres;
(d) brakes and steering gear;
(e) the use of safety glass;
(f) signalling appliances, lamps and reflectors;
(g) speed governors;
(h) the emission of smoke, visible vapour, sparks, ashes, grit or oil;
(i) the reduction of noise emitted by or caused by vehicles;
(j) prohibiting or restricting the use of audible signals at certain times or in certain places;
(k) prohibiting or restricting the use as transport vehicles of any motor vehicle or any motor vehicle with left hand steering control;
(l) prohibiting the carrying of appliances likely to cause annoyance or danger;
(m) the periodical testing and inspection of vehicles by prescribed authorities;
(n) the particulars other than registration marks to be exhibited by vehicles and the manner in which they shall be exhibited;
(o) the use of trailers with motor vehicle;
(p) prohibiting or enforcing the painting in particular colours of motor vehicles of particular descriptions or for particular purposes or in particular areas;
(q) registration, control and supervision of establishments undertaking repair works of motor vehicles and the conditions governing such establishment; and
(r) any other matter which is to be or may be 1[prescribed by the rules].

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    The words “prescribed by the rules” were substituted for the word “prescribed” by section 32 of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 1988 (Act No. XXVII of 1988)
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