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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter VII


Power to make rules
106. (1) The Government may make rules for the purposes of carrying into effect the provisions of this Chapter.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such rules may provide for-
(a) the nature of the mechanical or electrical signalling devices which may be used on motor vehicles;
(b) the removal and the safe custody of vehicle including their loads which have broken down or which have been left standing or have been abandoned on roads;
(c) the installation and use of weighing devices;
(d) the maintenance and management of godowns for the storage of goods removed from over loaded vehicles and the fees, if any, to be charged for the use of such godowns;
(e) the exemption from all or any of the provisions of this Chapter of Fire Brigade vehicles, ambulances and other special classes of vehicle, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed;
(f) the maintenance and management of parking places and stands and the fees, if any, which may be charged for their use;
(g) prohibiting the driving down hill of a motor vehicle with the gear disengaged either generally or in a specified place;
(h) Prohibiting/prohibiting the taking hold of or mounting of a motor vehicle in motion;
(i) prohibiting the use of footpaths of pavements by motor vehicles;
(j) generally, the prevention of danger, injury or annoyance to the public or any person, or of danger or injury to property or of obstruction to traffic; and
(k) any other matter which is to be or may be 1[prescribed by rules].

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    The words “prescribed by rules” were substituted for the word “prescribed” by section 34 of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 1988 (Act No. XXVII of 1988)
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