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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter IX


Duty to give information as to insurance
114. (1) No person against whom a claim is made in respect of any liability referred to in clause (b) of sub section (1) of section 110 shall on demand by or on behalf of the person making the claim refuse to state whether or not he was injured in respect of that liability by any policy issued under the provisions of this Chapter, or would have been so injured if the insurer had not avoided or cancelled the policy, nor shall he refuse, if he was or would have been so injured, to give such particulars with respect to that policy as were specified in the certificate of insurance issued in respect thereof.
(2) In the event of any person becoming insolvent or making a composition or arrangement with his creditors or in the event of an order being made for the administration of the estate of a deceased person according to the law of insolvency, or in the event of a winding up order being made or a resolution for a voluntary winding up being passed with respect to any company or of a receiver or manager of the company's business or undertaking being duly appointed or of possession being taken by or on behalf of the holders of any debentures secured by a floating charge on any property comprised in or subject to the charge, it shall be the duty of the insolvent debtor, personal representative of the decased debtor or company, as the case may be, or the official assignee or receiver in insolvency, trustee, liquidator, receiver or manager, or person in possession of the property to give at the request of any person claiming that the insolvent debtor, deceased debtor or company is under such liability to him as is covered by the provisions of this Chapter, such information as may reasonably be required by him for the purpose of ascertaining whether any rights have been transferred to and vested in him by section 113, and for the purpose of enforcing such rights, if any, and any such contract of insurance as purport whether directly or indirectly to avoid the contract or to alter the rights of the parties thereunder upon the giving of such information in the events aforesaid, or otherwise to prohibit or prevent the giving thereof in the said events, shall be of no effect.
(3) If, from the information given to any person in pursuance of sub-section (2) or otherwise, he has reasonable ground for supposing that there have or may have been transferred to him under this Chapter rights against any particular insurer, that insurer shall be subject to the same duty as is imposed by the said sub-section on the person therein mentioned.
(4) The duty to give the information imposed by this section shall include a duty to allow all contracts of insurance, receipts for premiums, and other relevant documents in the possession or power of the person on whom the duty is so imposed to be inspected and copies thereof to be taken.

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