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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter IX


Application for compensation
128. (1) An application for compensation arising out of an accident of the nature specified in section 127 may be made-
(a) by the person who has sustained injury or whose property has been damaged; or
(b) where the death has resulted from the accident, by all of or any of the legal heirs of the deceased; or
(c) by any agent duly authorised by the person injured or by all or any of the legal heirs of the deceased, as the case may be:
Provided that where all the legal heirs of the deceased have not joined in any such application for compensation the application shall be made on behalf of or for the benefit of all the legal heirs who have not so joined, shall be impleaded as respondents to the application.
(2) Every application under sub section (1) shall be made to the Claims Tribunal having jurisdiction over the area in which the accident occurred and shall contain such particular as may be prescribed.
(3) No application for compensation under this section shall be entertained unless it is made within six months of the occurrence of the accident:
Provided that the Claims Tribunal may entertain the application after expiry of the said period of six months if it is satisfied that the applicant was prevented by sufficient cause from making the application in time.

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