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The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

( Ordinance NO. LV OF 1983 )

Chapter X


Power of arrest without warrant
160. (1) A police officer in uniform may arrest without warrant any person who commits in his view an offence punishable under section 32 or section 51 or section 143 or section 144 or section 145 or section 146 or section 147 or section 148 or section 149 or section 154 or section 156.
(2) A police officer in uniform may arrest without warrant-
(a) any person who being required under the provisions of this Ordinance to give his name and address refuses to do so, or gives a name or address which the police officer has reason to believe to be false, or
(b) any person concerned in an offence under this Ordinance or reasonably suspected to have been so concerned, if the police officer has reason to believe that he will abscond or otherwise avoid the service of a summons.
(3) A police officer arresting without warrant the driver of a motor vehicle shall, if the circumstances so require, take or cause to be taken any steps he may consider proper for the safe custody of the vehicle or to take it to the nearest Police station.
(4) A police officer acting under this section shall, as soon as possible, intimate to the owner the place where the vehicle has been removed or where the driver has been taken and in any case within twenty four hours of the occurrence.

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