The Khulna City Corporation Ordinance, 1984

( Ordinance NO. LXXII OF 1984 )

139. Annual administration report of the Corporation

140. Right of Government to call for records

141. Inspection

142. Power of Government to require the Corporation to take action

143. Power of Government of provide for enforcement of direction under section 142

144. Power of Government to annul illegal proceedings

145. Supersession of the Corporation

146. Suspension of particular department or institution of the Corporation

147. Offences

148. Punishment

149. Compounding of offences

150. Cognizance of offences

151. Power of Government to include and exclude areas in or from the City and effect thereof

152. Appeals

153. Standing Orders

154. Power to make rules

155. Power to make regulations

156. Power to make by-laws

157. General provisions relating to rules, etc.

158. Delegation of powers

159. Licences and sanctions

160. Institution of suits against the Corporation, etc.

161. Notice and service thereof

162. Records to be public documents

163. Mayor, [ * * * ] Commissioners, Officers and employees of the Corporation to be public servants

163A. [omitted]

164. Protection of action taken in good faith, etc.

165. Provisions of this Chapter over-ride other provisions

166. Khulna Paurashava to become the Corporation, etc.

167. First elections to the Corporation

167A. Ratification and confirmation of certain orders, acts, etc. of the Corporation

168. Repeal, etc

169. Certain matters to be prescribed

170. Removal of difficulties

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