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The Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation Ordinance, 1985

( Ordinance NO. XXI OF 1985 )

Functions of the Corporation
9. (1) The functions of the Corporation shall be-
(a) to undertake research in the field of oil, gas and minerals;
(b) to prepare and implement programmes for the exploration and development of oil, gas and mineral resources;
(c) to produce and sell oil, gas and mineral resources; and
(d) to perform such other functions as the Government may, from time to time, assign to the Corporation.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the Corporation shall, in particular, have power-
(a) to undertake research for alternative use of natural gas;
(b) to carry out geological, geophysical and other surveys for the exploration and development of oil, gas and mineral resources;
(c) to carry out drilling and other prospecting operations to prove and estimate the reserves of oil, gas and mineral resources and collect all data required for adopting the most suitable extraction and mining method;
(d) to set up mining industries and to continue production and sale of the mined commodities;
(e) to plan, promote and develop cement industries in the country;
(f) to take up, execute and operate any project on mining and mineral development;
(g) to contribute towards the cost of any studies, experiments or technical research connected with the functions of the Corporation and undertaken or done in the interest of the Corporation by any other person, body or agency;
(h) to undertake, assist or encourage the collection, maintenance and publication of statistics, bulletins and monograph.

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