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Bangladesh Bridge Authority Ordinance, 1985

( Ordinance NO. XXXIV OF 1985 )

Removal or arrest without warrant
20H. (1) Any police officer, or any officer of the Authority authorised by it in this behalf, either by general or by special order, may arrest without warrant any person committing on any bridge or toll-road within his view an offence under section 20F or a breach or contravention of any provisions of any rules or regulations, or of any orders or directions made or given by the Authority thereunder, and such arrested person shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one thousand taka or more:
Provided that if a mere removal of the said person from the bridge or toll-road, as the case may be, is considered enough and no further action is deemed necessary in the circumstances of the case, the person may be removed therefrom without arresting him using such force as may be necessary to effect the removal.
(2) The person arrested under sub-section (1) shall be released, if he has given his name and address on demand and there is reason to believe that the name and address given by him are correct, or if his true name and address are ascertained, on his executing a bond without sureties for his appearance before a Magistrate when required.
(3) If the person arrested under sub-section (1) can not be released under sub-section (2), he shall, forthwith be forwarded to the nearest Magistrate having jurisdiction, or to the nearest police-station, to be dealt with in accordance with law.
(4) The provisions of Chapter XLII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (V of 1898) shall, so far as may be, apply to bond executed under this section.

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