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Bangladesh Bridge Authority Ordinance, 1985

( Ordinance NO. XXXIV OF 1985 )

Power of police-officers or officers of the Authority to impose fine on the spot
20J. (1) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Ordinance, where any police-officer not below the rank of a Sub-Inspector or Sergeant, or any officer of the Authority authorised by it in this behalf, either by general or by special order, finds that a person is committing, or has committed, within his view on any bridge or toll-road, or in any restricted area thereof, an offence punishable under any rules or regulations with fine not extending to one thousand taka, he may fine him on the spot, the amount of which shall not exceed one-fifth of the maximum amount of fine specified for the offence.
(2) Before any fine is imposed under sub-section (1), the accused shall be served with a notice in the form prescribed by regulations, by handing it over to him, specifying-
(a) the offence committed by him,
(b) the amount of fine which he is to pay,
(c) the manner in which and the time within which the fine is to be paid,
and directing him to say whether he admits that he has committed the offence and agrees to pay the fine specified therein.
(3) Where the accused person admits that he has committed the offence, and agrees to pay the fine, specified in the said notice, it shall be noted on the body of the notice and signed by him, whereupon no prosecution in respect of the offence shall be initiated against him.
(4) Where the accused person fails to pay the fine agreed as aforesaid in the manner and within the time specified in the said notice, it shall be recovered from him as a public demand.
(5) Where the accused person does not admit that he has committed the offence and does not agree to pay the fine specified in the said notice, he may be prosecuted for the offence before the Court.

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