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The Khulna Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1985

( Ordinance NO. LII OF 1985 )

Chapter V


Power of Police Commissioner to prohibit, restrict or regulate use of music, etc.
33. If, in the opinion of the Police Commissioner, it is necessary so to do for the purpose of preventing annoyance, disturbance, discomfort or injury to the public or to any person who dwell or occupy property in the vicinity, he may, by order in writing, prohibit, restrict, regulate or impose conditions on-
(a) the use or continuance in any area, premises or vehicles of-
(i) any vocal or instrumental music;
(ii) microphone, loudspeaker or other instruments for amplifying music or other sound;
(iii) sounds caused by the playing, beating, clashing, blowing or use in any manner whatsoever of any instrument, appliance or apparatus or contrivance which is capable of producing or reproducing sound; or
(b) the carrying on in any premises of any trade, avocation or operation resulting in or attended with noise.

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