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The Lepers Act, 1898

( ACT NO. III OF 1898 )

Power to prohibit lepers from following certain trades and doing certain acts
9. (1) The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, order that no leper shall, within any area specified under section 3,-
(a) personally prepare for sale or sell any article of food or drink or any drugs or clothing intended for human use; or
(b) bathe, wash clothes or take water from any public well or tank debarred by any municipal or local bye-law from use by lepers; or
(c) drive, conduct or ride in any public carriage plying for hire other than a railway carriage; or
(d) exercise any trade or calling which may by such notification be prohibited to lepers.
(2) Any such notification may comprise all or any of the above prohibitions.
(3) Whoever disobeys any order made pursuant to the powers conferred by this section shall be punishable with fine which may extend to twenty Taka:
Provided that, when any person is accused of an offence under this section, the Magistrate before whom he is accused shall cause him to be examined by an Inspector of Lepers, and shall not proceed with the case unless such Inspector furnishes a certificate, in Form B set forth in the schedule, in respect of such person.

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