The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

1♠An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the Criminal Procedure.

WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to Criminal Procedure; It is hereby enacted as follows:



1. Short title Commencement


2. Repealed

3.(1) Omitted

(2) Expressions in former Acts

Words referring to acts

Words to have same meaning as in Penal Code

4. Definitions

4A. Construction of references.

5. Trial of offences under Penal Code

Trial of offences against other laws

A.-Classes of Criminal Courts

6. Classes of Criminal Courts

B. -Territorial Divisions

7. Sessions divisions and districts

Power to alter divisions and districts

Existing divisions and districts maintained till altered

8. Power to divide districts into Upazilas etc

Existing sub-divisions maintained

C.-Courts and Offices

9. Court of Sessions

10.Executive Magistrates

11. Judicial Magistrates

12. Special Magistrate

15. Benches of Magistrates

Powers exercisable by Bench in absence of special direction

16. Power to frame rules for guidance of Benches

17. Subordination of Executive,Judicial and Metropolitan Magistrates.

17A. Subordination of Joint Sessions Judges

D.-Courts of Metropolitan Magistrates

18. Appointment of Metropolitan Magistrates

19. Benches

20. Local limits of jurisdiction

21. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate

E.-Justices of the Peace

22. Justice of the peace for the mafassal

23-24. Repealed

25. Ex-officio Justices of the Peace.

F.-Suspension and Removal

26-27. Repealed

A.-Description of Offences cognizable by each Court

28. Offences under Penal Code

29. Offences under other laws

29A. Omitted

29B. Jurisdiction in the case of juveniles

29C. Offences not punishable with death

30. Omitted

B.-Sentences which may be passed by courts of various Classes

31. Sentences which High Court Division and Sessions Judges may pass

32. Sentences which Magistrates may pass

33. Power of Magistrates to sentence to imprisonment in default of fine

33A. Higher powers of certain Magistrates

Proviso as to certain cases

34. Omitted

34A. Omitted

B.-Sentences which may be passed by courts of various Classes

35. Sentence in cases of conviction of several offences at one trial Maximum term of punishment

B.-Sentences which may be passed by courts of various Classes

35A. Deduction of imprisonment in cases where convicts may have been in custody

C.-Ordinary and Additional Powers

36. Ordinary powers of Magistrates

37. Additional powers conferrable on Magistrates.

38. Control of District Magistrates investing power

D.-Conferment, Continuance and Cancellation of Powers

39. Mode of conferring powers

40. Powers of officers appointed

41. Withdrawal of powers.

42. Public when to assist

43. Aid to person, other than police-officer, executing warrant

44. Public to give information of certain offences

45.Village-headmen,accountants, landholders and others bound to report certain matters.

Appointment of village-headman by District Magistrate [***] in certain cases for purposes of this section

A.-Arrest generally

46. Arrest how made

Resisting endeavour to arrest

47. Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested

48. Procedure where ingress not obtainable

Breaking open zanana

49. Power to break open doors and windows for purposes of liberation

50. No unnecessary restraint

51. Search of arrested persons

52. Mode of searching women

53. Power to seize offensive weapons

B.-Arrest without Warrant

54. When police may arrest without warrant

55. Arrest of vagabonds, habitual robbers, etc.

56. Procedure when police-officer deputes subordinate to arrest without warrant

57. Refusal to give name and residence

58. Pursuit of offenders into other jurisdictions

59. Arrest by private persons and procedure on such arrest

60. Person arrested to be taken before Magistrate or officer in charge of police-station

61. Person arrested not to be detained more than twenty-four hours

62. Police to report apprehensions.

63. Discharge of person apprehended

64. Offence committed in Magistrate's presence

65. Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate.

66. Power, on escape, to pursue and retake

67. Provisions of sections 47, 48 and 49 to apply to arrest under section 66


68. Form of summons

Summons by whom served

69. Summons how served

Signature of receipt for summons

70. Service when person summoned cannot be found

71. Procedure when service cannot be effected as before provided

72. Service on servant of Republic

73. Service of summons outside local limits

74. Proof of service in such cases and when serving officer not present

B.-Warrant of Arrest

75. Form of warrant of arrest Continuance of warrant of arrest

Recognizance to be forwarded

76. Court may direct security to be taken

77. Warrants to whom directed

Warrants to several persons

78. Warrant may be directed to landholders, etc.

79. Warrant directed to police-officer

80. Notification of substance of warrant

81. Person arrested to be brought before Court without delay

82. Where warrant may be executed

83. Warrant forwarded for execution outside jurisdiction

84. Warrant directed to police-officer for execution outside jurisdiction

85. Procedure on arrest of person against whom warrant issued

86. Procedure by Magistrate before whom person arrested is brought.

C.-Proclamation and Attachment

87. Proclamation for person absconding

88. Attachment of property of person absconding

89. Restoration of attached property

D.-Other Rules regarding Processes

90. Issue of warrant in lieu of, or in addition to, summons

91. Power to take bond for appearance

92. Arrest by breach of bond for appearance

93. Provisions of this Chapter generally applicable to summonses and warrants of arrest

E.-Special Rules regarding processes issued for service or execution

93B. Sending of warrants for execution outside Bangladesh

93A. Sending of summons for service outside Bangladesh

93C. Service and execution in Bangladesh of processes received from outside Bangladesh


94. Summons to produce document or other thing

95. Procedure as to letters and telegrams


96. When search-warrant may be issued

97. Power to restrict warrant

98. Search of house

99. Disposal of things found in search beyond jurisdiction

99B. Application to High Court Division to set aside order of forfeiture

99C. Hearing by Special Bench

99D. Order of Special Bench setting aside forfeiture

99E. Evidence to prove nature or tendency of newspapers

99F. Procedure in High Court Division

99G. Jurisdiction barred

99A. Power to declare certain publications forfeited and to issue search warrants for the same

C.-Discovery of Persons Wrongfully Confined

100. Search for persons wrongfully confined.

D.-General Provisions Relating to Searches

101. Direction, etc., of search-warrants

102. Persons in charge of closed place to allow search

103. Search to be made in presence of witnesses

Occupant of place searched may attend

E.- Miscellaneous

104. Power to impound document, etc., produced

105. Magistrate may direct search in his presence

A.-Security for keeping the Peach on Conviction

106. Security for keeping the peach on conviction

B.-Security for keeping the peach in the Cases and Security for Good Behaviour

107. Security for keeping the peace in other cases

Procedure of Magistrate not empowered to act under sub-section (1)

108. Security for good behaviour from persons disseminating seditious matter

109. Security for good behaviour from vagrants and suspected persons

110. Security for good behaviour from habitual offenders

111. Repealed

112. Order to be made

113. Procedure in respect of person present in Court

114. Summons or warrant in case of person not so present

115. Copy of order under section 112 to accompany summons or warrant

116. Power to dispense with personal attendance

117. Inquiry as to truth of information

118. Order to give security

119. Discharge of person informed against

C.-Proceedings in all Cases subsequent to Order to furnish Security

120. Commencement of period for which security is required

121. Contents of bond

122. Power to reject sureties

123. Imprisonment in default of security

Kind of imprisonment

Proceedings when to be laid before High Court Division or Court of Sessions

124. Power to release persons imprisoned for failing to give security

125. Power of District Magistrate to cancel any bond for keeping the peach or good behaviour

126. Discharge of sureties

126A. Security for unexpired period of bond

127. Assembly to disperse on command of Magistrate or police officer

128. Use of civil force to disperse

129. Use of military force

130. Duty of officer commanding troops required by Magistrate to disperse assembly

131. Power of commissioned military officers to disperse assembly

132. Protection against prosecution for acts done under this Chapter

132A. Application

133. Conditional order for removal of nuisance

134. Service or notification of order

135. Person to whom order is addressed to obey or show cause or claim jury

136. Consequence of his failing to do so

137. Procedure where he appears to show cause

138. Omitted & 139. Omitted

139A. Procedure where existence of public right is denied

140. Procedure on order being made absolute Consequences of disobedience to order

141. Omitted

142. Injunction pending inquiry

143. Magistrate may prohibit repetition or continuance of public nuisance

144. Power to issue order

145. Procedure where dispute concerning land, etc., is likely to cause breach of peach

Inquiry as to possession

Party in possession to retain possession until legally evicted

146. Power to attach subject of dispute

147. Disputes concerning rights of use of immovable property, etc.

148. Local inquiry

Order as to costs

149. Police to prevent cognizable offences

150. Information of design to commit such offences

151. Arrest to prevent such offences

152. Prevention of injury to public property

153. Inspection of weights and measures

154. Information in cognizable cases

155. Information in non-cognizable cases

Investigation into non-cognizable cases

156. Investigation into cognizable cases

157. Procedure where cognizable offence suspected

Where local investigation dispensed with

Where police-officer in charge sees no sufficient ground for investigation

158. Reports under section 157 how submitted

159. Power to hold investigation or preliminary inquiry

160. Police-officer's power to require attendance of witnesses

161. Examination of witnesses by police

162. Statements to police not to be signed; use of such statements in evidence

163. No inducement to be offered

164. Power to record statements and confessions

165. Search by police-officer

166. When officer-in-charge of police station may require another to issue search-warrant

167. Procedure when investigation cannot be completed in twenty-four hours

168. Report of investigation by subordinate police-officer

169. Release of accused when evidence deficient

170. Case to be sent to Magistrate when evidence is sufficient

171. Complainants and witnesses not to be required to accompany Police-Officer

Complainants and witnesses not to be subjected to restraint

Recusant complainant or witness may be forwarded in custody

172. Diary of proceedings in investigation

173. Report of police-officer

174. Police to inquire and report on suicide, etc.

175. Power to summon persons

176. Inquiry by Magistrate into cause of death

Power to disinter corpses

A.-Place of Inquiry or Trial

177. Ordinary place of inquiry and trial

178. Power to order cases to be tried in different sessions divisions

179. Accused triable in district where act is done or where consequence ensues

180. Place of trial where act is offence by reason of relation to other offence

181. Being a thug or belonging to a gang of dacoits, escape from custody, etc.

Criminal misappropriation and criminal breach of trust


Kidnapping and abduction

182. Place of inquiry or trial where scene of offence is uncertain or not in one district only or where offence is continuing or consists of several acts

183. Offence committed on a journey

184. Repealed

185. High Court Division to decide, in case of doubt, district where inquiry or trial shall take place

Magistrate's procedure on arrest

186. Power to issue summons or warrant for offence committed beyond local jurisdiction

187. Procedure where warrant issued by subordinate Magistrate

188. Liability for offences committed outside Bangladesh

Political Agents to certify fitness of inquiry into charge

189. Power to direct copies of depositions and exhibits to be received in evidence

B.-Conditions requisite for Initiation of Proceedings

190. Cognizance of offences by Magistrates

191. Transfer [***] on application of accused

192. Transfer of cases by Magistrates

193. Cognizance offences by Courts of Session

194. Omitted

195. Prosecution for contempt of lawful authority of public servants

Prosecution for certain offences against public justice

Prosecution for certain offences relating to documents given in evidence

196. Prosecution for offences against the State

196A. Prosecution for certain classes of criminal conspiracy

196B. Preliminary inquiry in certain cases

197. Prosecution of Judges and public servants

Power of Government as to prosecution

198. Prosecution for breach of contract, defamation and offences against marriage

199. Prosecution for adultery or enticing a married woman

199A. Objection by lawful guardian to compliant by person other than person aggrieved

199B. Form of authorization under second proviso to section 198 or 199

200. Examination of complainant

201. Procedure by Magistrate not competent to take cognizance of the case

202. Postponement for issue of process

203. Dismissal of complaint

204. Issue of process

205. Magistrate may dispense with personal attendance of accused

205A. [Omitted] & 205B. [Omitted]

205C. Transfer of case of Court of Session when offence is trial exclusively by it

205CC. Transfer of case to [Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Chief Judicial Magistrate], etc.

205D. Procedure to be followed when there is a complaint case and police investigation in respect of the same offence

(206-220) Omitted

Form of Charges

221. Charge to state offence

Specific name of offence sufficient description

How stated where offence has no specific name

What implied in charge

Language of charge

Previous conviction when to be set out

222. Particulars as to time, place and person

223. When manner of committing offence must be stated

224. Words in charge taken in sense of law under which offence is punishable

225. Effect of errors

226. Omitted

227. Court may alter charge

228. When trial may proceed immediately after alteration

229. When new trial may be directed, or trial suspended

230. Stay of proceedings if prosecution of offence in altered charge require previous sanction

231. Recall of witnesses when charge altered

232. Effect of material error

Joinder of Charges

233. Separate charges for distinct offences

234. Three offences of same kind within year may be charged together

235. Trial for more than one offence

Offence falling within two definitions

Acts constituting one offence, but constituting when combined a different offence

236. Where it is doubtful what offence has been committed

237. When a person is charged with one offence, he can be convicted of another

238. When offence proved included in offence charged

239. What persons may be charged jointly

240. Withdrawal of remaining charges on conviction on one of several charges

241. Procedure in cases

241A. When accused shall be discharged

242. Charge to be framed

243. Conviction on admission of truth of accusation

244. Procedure when no such admission is made

245. Acquittal


246. Omitted

247. Non-appearance of complainant

248. Withdrawal of complaint

249. Power to stop proceedings when no complainant

Frivolous Accusations in Cases tried by Magistrates.

250. False, frivolous or vexatious accusations

(251-259) Omitted

260. Power to try summarily

261. Power to invest Bench of Magistrates invested with less power

262. [Procedure for summary trials]

Limit of imprisonment

263. Record in cases where is no appeal

264. Record in appealable cases

265. Language of record and judgment

Bench may be authorised to employ clerk

265A. Trial to be conducted by Public Prosecutor

265B. Opening case for prosecution

265C. Discharge

265D. Framing charge

265E. Conviction of plea of guilty

265F. Date for prosecution evidence

265G. Evidence of prosecution

265H. Acquittal

265I. Entering upon defence

265J. Arguments

265K. Judgment of acquittal or conviction

265L. Previous conviction

337. Tender of pardon to accomplice

338. Power to direct tender of pardon

339D. Omitted

339. [Trial] of person to whom pardon has been tendered

339A. Procedure in trial of person under section 339

339B. Trial in absentia

339C. Time for disposal of cases

340. Right of person against whom proceedings are instituted to be defended and his competency to be a witness

341. Procedure where accused does not understand proceedings

342. Power to examine the accused

343. No influence to be used to induce disclosures

344. Power to postpone or adjourn proceedings


Reasonable cause for remand

345. Compounding offences

346. Procedure of [* * *] [Chief Judicial Magistrate] in cases which he cannot dispose of.

347. Procedure when, higher punishment should be inflicted on accused

348. Trial of persons previously convicted of offences against coinage, stamp-law or property

349. Procedure when Magistrate cannot pass sentence sufficiently severe

349A. Conviction on evidence partly recorded by one Sessions Judge, etc., and partly by another

350A. Changes in constitution of Benches

350. Conviction [***] on evidence partly recorded by one Magistrate and partly by another

351. Detention of offenders attending Court

352. Courts to be open

353. Evidence to be taken in presence of accused

354. Manner of recording evidence

355. Record [***] in trials of certain offences by first and second class Magistrates

356. Record in other cases

Memorandum when evidence not taken down by the Magistrate or Judge himself

Evidence given in English

357. Language of record of evidence

358. Option to Magistrate in cases under section 355

359. Mode of recording evidence under section 356 or section 357

360. Procedure in regard to such evidence when completed

361. Interpretation of evidence to accused or his pleader

362. Omitted

363. Remarks respecting demeanor of witness

364. Examination of accused how recorded

365. Record of evidence in High Court Division

366. Mode of delivering judgment

367. Language of judgment Contents of judgment

Judgment in alternative

368. Sentence of death.

Sentence of transportation

369. Court not to alter judgment

370. Omitted

371. Copy of judgment, etc., to be given to accused on application.Case of person sentenced to death

372. Judgment when to be translated

373. Court of Session to send copy of finding and sentence to District Magistrate

374. Sentence of death to be submitted by Court of Session

375. Power to direct further inquiry to be made or additional evidence to be taken

376. Power of High Court Division to confirm sentence or annul conviction

377. Confirmation of new sentence to be signed by two Judges

378. Procedure in case of difference of opinion

379. Procedure in cases submitted to High Court Division for confirmation

380. Repealed

381. Execution of order passed under section 376

382. Postponement of capital sentence on pregnant woman

383. Execution of sentence of transportation or imprisonment in other cases

384. Direction of warrant for execution

385. Warrant with whom to be lodged

386. Warrant for levy of fine

387. Effect of such warrant

388. Suspension of execution of sentence of imprisonment.

389. Who may issue warrant

390. Execution of sentence of whipping only

391. Execution of sentence of whipping, in addition to imprisonment

392. Mode of inflicting punishment

Limit of number of stripes

393. Not to be executed by instalments Exemptions

394. Whipping not to be inflicted if offender not in fit state of health

Stay of execution

395. Procedure if punishment cannot be inflicted under section 394

396. Execution of sentences on escaped convicts

397. Sentence on offender already sentenced for another offence

398. Saving as to sections 396 and 397

399. Confinement of youthful offenders in reformatories

400. Return of warrant on execution of sentence

401. Power to suspend or remit sentences

402. Power to commute punishment

402A. Sentences of death

403. Person once convicted or acquitted not to be tried for same offence

404. Unless otherwise provided, no appeal to lie

405. Appeal from order rejecting application for restoration of attached property

406. Appeal from order requiring security for keeping the peace or for good behaviour

406A. Appeal from order refusing to accept or rejecting a surety

407. Appeal from sentence of Magistrate of the second or third class

408. Appeal from sentence of Joint Sessions Judge and Magistrates of the first class

409. Appeals to Court of Session how heard

410. Appeal from sentence of Court of Session

411. Omitted

411A. Omitted

412. No appeal in certain cases when accused pleads guilty

413. No appeal in petty cases

414. No appeal from certain summary convictions

415. Proviso to sections 413 and 414

415A. Special right of appeal in certain cases

416. Repealed

417. Appeal in case of acquittal

417A. Appeal against inadequacy of sentence

418. Appeals on what matters admissible

419. Petition of appeal

420. Procedure when appellant in jail

421. Summary dismissal of appeal

422. Notice of appeal

423. Powers of Appellate Court in disposing of appeal

424. Judgments of subordinate Appellate Courts

425. Order by High Court Division on appeal to be certified to lower Court

426. Suspension of sentence pending appeal Release of appellant on bail

427. Arrest of accused in appeal from acquittal

428. Appellate Court may take further evidence or direct it to be taken

429. Procedure where Judges of Court of Appeal are equally divided

430. Finality of orders on appeal

431. Abatement of appeals

432. & 433. Omitted

434. Omitted

435. Power to call for records of inferior Courts

436. Power to order inquiry

437. Omitted

438. Omitted

439. High Court Division's powers of revision

439A. Sessions Judge's powers of revision

440. Optional with Court to hear parties

441. Omitted

442. High Court Division's order to be certified to lower Court or Magistrate

442A. Time for disposal of appeals and Revision

(443-463) Omitted

464. Procedure in case of accused being lunatic

465. Procedure in case of person being lunatic before Court of Sessions

466. Release of lunatic pending investigation or trial

Custody of lunatic

467. Resumption of inquiry or trial

468. Procedure on accused appearing before Magistrate or Court

469. When accused appears to have been insane

470. Judgment of acquittal on ground of lunacy

Power of Government to relieve Inspector General of certain functions

471. Person acquitted on such ground to be detained in safe custody

472. Repealed

473. Procedure where lunatic prisoner is reported capable of making his defence

474. Procedure where lunatic detained under section 466 or 471 is declared fit to be released.

475. Delivery of lunatic to care of relative or friend

476. Procedure in cases mentioned in section 195.

476A. Superior Court may complain where subordinate Court has committed to do so

476B. Appeals

477. Repealed

478. [Omitted] & 479. [Omitted]

480. Procedure in certain cases of contempt

481. Record in such cases

482. Procedure where Court considers that case should not be dealt with under section 480

483. When Registrar or Sub-Registrar to be deemed a Civil Court within sections 480 and 482

484. Discharge of offender on submission or apology

485. Imprisonment or committal of person refusing to answer or produce document

485A. Summary procedure for punishment for non-attendance by a witness in obedience to summons

486. Appeals from convictions in contempt cases

487. Certain Judges and Magistrates not to try offences referred to in section 195 when committed before themselves


491A. Omitted

491. Power to issue directions of the nature of a habeas corpus

492. Power to appoint Public Procecutors

493. Public Prosecutor may plead in all Court in cases under his charge Pleaders privately instructed to be under his direction

494. Effect of withdrawal from prosecution

495. Permission to conduct prosecution

496. In what cases bail to be taken

497A. Omitted

497. When bail may be taken in case of non-bailable offence

498. Power to direct admission to bail or reduction of bail

499. Bond of accused and sureties

500. Discharge from custody

501. Power to order sufficient bail when that first taken is insufficient

502. Discharge of sureties

503. When attendance of witness may be dispensed with Issue of commission and procedure thereunder

504. Commission in case of witness being within [a] Metropolitan Area

505. Parties may examine witnesses

506. Power of Subordinate Magistrate to apply for issue of commission

507. Return of commission

508. Adjournment of inquiry or trial

508A. Application of this Chapter to Commissions issued in Burma

509. Deposition of medical witness

Power to summon medical witness

509A. Report of post-mortem examination

510. Report of Chemical Examiner, serologist, etc.

510A. Evidence of formal character on Affidavit

511. Previous conviction or acquittal how proved

512. Record of evidence in absence of accused

Record of evidence when offender unknown

513. Deposit instead of recognizance

514. Procedure on forfeiture of bond

514A. Procedure in case of insolvency or death of surety or when a bond is forfeited

514B. Bond required from a minor

515. Appeal from, and revision of, orders under section 514

516. Power to direct levy of amount due on certain recognizances

516A. Order for custody and disposal of property pending trial in certain cases

517. Order for disposal of property regarding which offence committed

518. Order may take form of reference to District [***] Magistrate.

519. Payment to innocent purchaser of money found on accused

520. Stay of order under sections 517, 518 or 519

521. Destruction of libelous and other matter

522. Power to restore possession of immovable property

523. Procedure by police upon seizure of property taken under section 51 or stolen

Procedure where owner of property seized unknown

524. Procedure where no claimant appears within six months

525. Power to sell perishable property

525A. Power of Appellate Division to transfer cases and appeals

526. High Court Division may transfer case or itself try it

Notice to Public Prosecutor of application under this section

Adjournment on application under this section

526A. Omitted

526B. Power of Sessions Judge to transfer cases

527. Omitted

528. Sessions Judge may withdraw cases from Assistant Sessions Judge.

[Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Chief Judicial Magistrate or District ] Magistrate may withdraw or refer cases.

Power to authorise [Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or the Chief Judicial Magistrate] to withdraw classes of cases.

529. Irregularities which do not vitiate proceedings

530. Irregularities which vitiate proceedings

531. Proceedings in wrong place

532. Omitted

533. Non-compliance with provisions of section 164 or 364

534. Omitted

535. Effect of omission to prepare charge

536. Omitted

537. Finding or sentence when reversible by reason of error or omission in charge or other proceedings

538. Attachment not illegal, person making same not trespasser for defect or want of form in proceedings

539. Courts and persons before whom affidavits may be sworn

539A. Affidavit in proof of conduct of public servant

539B. Local inspection

540. Power to summon material witness or examine person present

540A. Provision for inquiries and trial being held in the absence of accused in certain cases

541. Power to appoint place of imprisonment

Removal to criminal jail of accused or convicted persons who are in confinement in civil jail, and their return to the civil jail

542. Repealed

543. Interpreter to be bound to interpret truthfully

544. Expenses of complainants and witnesses

545. Power of Court to pay expenses or compensation out of fine

546. Payments to be taken into account in subsequent suit

546A. Order of payment of certain fees paid by complainant in non-cognizable cases

547. Moneys ordered to be paid recoverable as fines

548. Copies of proceedings

Apprehension of such persons

549. Delivery to military authorities of persons liable to the tried by Court-martial

550. Powers to police to seize property suspected to be stolen

551. Power of superior officers of police

552. Power to compel restoration of abducted females

553. Repealed

554. Power of chartered High Court Division to make rules for inspection of records of subordinate Courts

Power of other High Court Division to make rules for other purposes

555. Forms

556. Case in which Judge or Magistrate is personally interested

557. Practicing pleader not to sit as Magistrate in certain Courts

558. Power to decide language of Courts

559. Provision for powers of Judges and Magistrates being exercised by their successors in office

560. Officers concerned in sales not to purchase or bid for property

561A. Saving of inherent power of High Court Division

561. Special provisions with respect to offence of rape by a husband

First Offenders

562. Repealed

563. Repealed

564. Repealed

Previously convicted offenders

565. Order for notifying address of previously convicted offender