The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

A.-Place of Inquiry or Trial

177. Ordinary place of inquiry and trial

178. Power to order cases to be tried in different sessions divisions

179. Accused triable in district where act is done or where consequence ensues

180. Place of trial where act is offence by reason of relation to other offence

181. Being a thug or belonging to a gang of dacoits, escape from custody, etc.

Criminal misappropriation and criminal breach of trust


Kidnapping and abduction

182. Place of inquiry or trial where scene of offence is uncertain or not in one district only or where offence is continuing or consists of several acts

183. Offence committed on a journey

184. Repealed

185. High Court Division to decide, in case of doubt, district where inquiry or trial shall take place

186. Power to issue summons or warrant for offence committed beyond local jurisdiction

Magistrate's procedure on arrest

187. Procedure where warrant issued by subordinate Magistrate

188. Liability for offences committed outside Bangladesh

Political Agents to certify fitness of inquiry into charge

189. Power to direct copies of depositions and exhibits to be received in evidence

B.-Conditions requisite for Initiation of Proceedings

190. Cognizance of offences by Magistrates

191. Transfer [***] on application of accused

192. Transfer of cases by Magistrates

193. Cognizance offences by Courts of Session

194. Omitted

195. Prosecution for contempt of lawful authority of public servants

Prosecution for certain offences against public justice

Prosecution for certain offences relating to documents given in evidence

196. Prosecution for offences against the State

196A. Prosecution for certain classes of criminal conspiracy

196B. Preliminary inquiry in certain cases

197. Prosecution of Judges and public servants

Power of Government as to prosecution

198. Prosecution for breach of contract, defamation and offences against marriage

199. Prosecution for adultery or enticing a married woman

199A. Objection by lawful guardian to compliant by person other than person aggrieved

199B. Form of authorization under second proviso to section 198 or 199

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