The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

42. Public when to assist

43. Aid to person, other than police-officer, executing warrant

44. Public to give information of certain offences

45.Village-headmen,accountants, landholders and others bound to report certain matters.

Appointment of village-headman by District Magistrate [***] in certain cases for purposes of this section

A.-Arrest generally

46. Arrest how made

Resisting endeavour to arrest

47. Search of place entered by person sought to be arrested

48. Procedure where ingress not obtainable

Breaking open zanana

49. Power to break open doors and windows for purposes of liberation

50. No unnecessary restraint

51. Search of arrested persons

52. Mode of searching women

53. Power to seize offensive weapons

B.-Arrest without Warrant

54. When police may arrest without warrant

55. Arrest of vagabonds, habitual robbers, etc.

56. Procedure when police-officer deputes subordinate to arrest without warrant

57. Refusal to give name and residence

58. Pursuit of offenders into other jurisdictions

59. Arrest by private persons and procedure on such arrest

60. Person arrested to be taken before Magistrate or officer in charge of police-station

61. Person arrested not to be detained more than twenty-four hours

62. Police to report apprehensions.

63. Discharge of person apprehended

64. Offence committed in Magistrate's presence

65. Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate.

66. Power, on escape, to pursue and retake

67. Provisions of sections 47, 48 and 49 to apply to arrest under section 66


68. Form of summons

Summons by whom served

69. Summons how served

Signature of receipt for summons

70. Service when person summoned cannot be found

71. Procedure when service cannot be effected as before provided

72. Service on servant of Republic

73. Service of summons outside local limits

74. Proof of service in such cases and when serving officer not present

B.-Warrant of Arrest

75. Form of warrant of arrest Continuance of warrant of arrest

76. Court may direct security to be taken

Recognizance to be forwarded

77. Warrants to whom directed

Warrants to several persons

78. Warrant may be directed to landholders, etc.

79. Warrant directed to police-officer

80. Notification of substance of warrant

81. Person arrested to be brought before Court without delay

82. Where warrant may be executed

83. Warrant forwarded for execution outside jurisdiction

84. Warrant directed to police-officer for execution outside jurisdiction

85. Procedure on arrest of person against whom warrant issued

86. Procedure by Magistrate before whom person arrested is brought.

C.-Proclamation and Attachment

87. Proclamation for person absconding

88. Attachment of property of person absconding

89. Restoration of attached property

D.-Other Rules regarding Processes

90. Issue of warrant in lieu of, or in addition to, summons

91. Power to take bond for appearance

92. Arrest by breach of bond for appearance

93. Provisions of this Chapter generally applicable to summonses and warrants of arrest

E.-Special Rules regarding processes issued for service or execution

93A. Sending of summons for service outside Bangladesh

93B. Sending of warrants for execution outside Bangladesh

93C. Service and execution in Bangladesh of processes received from outside Bangladesh


94. Summons to produce document or other thing

95. Procedure as to letters and telegrams


96. When search-warrant may be issued

97. Power to restrict warrant

98. Search of house

99. Disposal of things found in search beyond jurisdiction

99A. Power to declare certain publications forfeited and to issue search warrants for the same

99B. Application to High Court Division to set aside order of forfeiture

99C. Hearing by Special Bench

99D. Order of Special Bench setting aside forfeiture

99E. Evidence to prove nature or tendency of newspapers

99F. Procedure in High Court Division

99G. Jurisdiction barred

C.-Discovery of Persons Wrongfully Confined

100. Search for persons wrongfully confined.

D.-General Provisions Relating to Searches

101. Direction, etc., of search-warrants

102. Persons in charge of closed place to allow search

103. Search to be made in presence of witnesses

Occupant of place searched may attend

E.- Miscellaneous

104. Power to impound document, etc., produced

105. Magistrate may direct search in his presence

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