The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

A.-Security for keeping the Peach on Conviction

106. Security for keeping the peach on conviction

B.-Security for keeping the peach in the Cases and Security for Good Behaviour

107. Security for keeping the peace in other cases

Procedure of Magistrate not empowered to act under sub-section (1)

108. Security for good behaviour from persons disseminating seditious matter

109. Security for good behaviour from vagrants and suspected persons

110. Security for good behaviour from habitual offenders

111. Repealed

112. Order to be made

113. Procedure in respect of person present in Court

114. Summons or warrant in case of person not so present

115. Copy of order under section 112 to accompany summons or warrant

116. Power to dispense with personal attendance

117. Inquiry as to truth of information

118. Order to give security

119. Discharge of person informed against

C.-Proceedings in all Cases subsequent to Order to furnish Security

120. Commencement of period for which security is required

121. Contents of bond

122. Power to reject sureties

123. Imprisonment in default of security

Proceedings when to be laid before High Court Division or Court of Sessions

Kind of imprisonment

124. Power to release persons imprisoned for failing to give security

125. Power of District Magistrate to cancel any bond for keeping the peach or good behaviour

126. Discharge of sureties

126A. Security for unexpired period of bond

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