The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

(443-463) Omitted

464. Procedure in case of accused being lunatic

465. Procedure in case of person being lunatic before Court of Sessions

466. Release of lunatic pending investigation or trial

Custody of lunatic

467. Resumption of inquiry or trial

468. Procedure on accused appearing before Magistrate or Court

469. When accused appears to have been insane

470. Judgment of acquittal on ground of lunacy

471. Person acquitted on such ground to be detained in safe custody

Power of Government to relieve Inspector General of certain functions

472. Repealed

473. Procedure where lunatic prisoner is reported capable of making his defence

474. Procedure where lunatic detained under section 466 or 471 is declared fit to be released.

475. Delivery of lunatic to care of relative or friend

476. Procedure in cases mentioned in section 195.

476A. Superior Court may complain where subordinate Court has committed to do so

476B. Appeals

477. Repealed

478. [Omitted] & 479. [Omitted]

480. Procedure in certain cases of contempt

481. Record in such cases

482. Procedure where Court considers that case should not be dealt with under section 480

483. When Registrar or Sub-Registrar to be deemed a Civil Court within sections 480 and 482

484. Discharge of offender on submission or apology

485. Imprisonment or committal of person refusing to answer or produce document

485A. Summary procedure for punishment for non-attendance by a witness in obedience to summons

486. Appeals from convictions in contempt cases

487. Certain Judges and Magistrates not to try offences referred to in section 195 when committed before themselves


491. Power to issue directions of the nature of a habeas corpus

491A. Omitted

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