The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

( ACT NO. V OF 1898 )

492. Power to appoint Public Procecutors

493. Public Prosecutor may plead in all Court in cases under his charge Pleaders privately instructed to be under his direction

494. Effect of withdrawal from prosecution

495. Permission to conduct prosecution

496. In what cases bail to be taken

497. When bail may be taken in case of non-bailable offence

497A. Omitted

498. Power to direct admission to bail or reduction of bail

499. Bond of accused and sureties

500. Discharge from custody

501. Power to order sufficient bail when that first taken is insufficient

502. Discharge of sureties

503. When attendance of witness may be dispensed with Issue of commission and procedure thereunder

504. Commission in case of witness being within [a] Metropolitan Area

505. Parties may examine witnesses

506. Power of Subordinate Magistrate to apply for issue of commission

507. Return of commission

508. Adjournment of inquiry or trial

508A. Application of this Chapter to Commissions issued in Burma

509. Deposition of medical witness

Power to summon medical witness

509A. Report of post-mortem examination

510. Report of Chemical Examiner, serologist, etc.

510A. Evidence of formal character on Affidavit

511. Previous conviction or acquittal how proved

512. Record of evidence in absence of accused

Record of evidence when offender unknown

513. Deposit instead of recognizance

514. Procedure on forfeiture of bond

514A. Procedure in case of insolvency or death of surety or when a bond is forfeited

514B. Bond required from a minor

515. Appeal from, and revision of, orders under section 514

516. Power to direct levy of amount due on certain recognizances

516A. Order for custody and disposal of property pending trial in certain cases

517. Order for disposal of property regarding which offence committed

518. Order may take form of reference to District [***] Magistrate.

519. Payment to innocent purchaser of money found on accused

520. Stay of order under sections 517, 518 or 519

521. Destruction of libelous and other matter

522. Power to restore possession of immovable property

523. Procedure by police upon seizure of property taken under section 51 or stolen

Procedure where owner of property seized unknown

524. Procedure where no claimant appears within six months

525. Power to sell perishable property

525A. Power of Appellate Division to transfer cases and appeals

526. High Court Division may transfer case or itself try it

Notice to Public Prosecutor of application under this section

Adjournment on application under this section

526A. Omitted

526B. Power of Sessions Judge to transfer cases

527. Omitted

528. Sessions Judge may withdraw cases from Assistant Sessions Judge.

[Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Chief Judicial Magistrate or District ] Magistrate may withdraw or refer cases.

Power to authorise [Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or the Chief Judicial Magistrate] to withdraw classes of cases.

529. Irregularities which do not vitiate proceedings

530. Irregularities which vitiate proceedings

531. Proceedings in wrong place

532. Omitted

533. Non-compliance with provisions of section 164 or 364

534. Omitted

535. Effect of omission to prepare charge

536. Omitted

537. Finding or sentence when reversible by reason of error or omission in charge or other proceedings

538. Attachment not illegal, person making same not trespasser for defect or want of form in proceedings

539. Courts and persons before whom affidavits may be sworn

539A. Affidavit in proof of conduct of public servant

539B. Local inspection

540. Power to summon material witness or examine person present

540A. Provision for inquiries and trial being held in the absence of accused in certain cases

541. Power to appoint place of imprisonment

Removal to criminal jail of accused or convicted persons who are in confinement in civil jail, and their return to the civil jail

542. Repealed

543. Interpreter to be bound to interpret truthfully

544. Expenses of complainants and witnesses

545. Power of Court to pay expenses or compensation out of fine

546. Payments to be taken into account in subsequent suit

546A. Order of payment of certain fees paid by complainant in non-cognizable cases

547. Moneys ordered to be paid recoverable as fines

548. Copies of proceedings

549. Delivery to military authorities of persons liable to the tried by Court-martial

Apprehension of such persons

550. Powers to police to seize property suspected to be stolen

551. Power of superior officers of police

552. Power to compel restoration of abducted females

553. Repealed

554. Power of chartered High Court Division to make rules for inspection of records of subordinate Courts

Power of other High Court Division to make rules for other purposes

555. Forms

556. Case in which Judge or Magistrate is personally interested

557. Practicing pleader not to sit as Magistrate in certain Courts

558. Power to decide language of Courts

559. Provision for powers of Judges and Magistrates being exercised by their successors in office

560. Officers concerned in sales not to purchase or bid for property

561. Special provisions with respect to offence of rape by a husband

561A. Saving of inherent power of High Court Division

First Offenders

562. Repealed

563. Repealed

564. Repealed

Previously convicted offenders

565. Order for notifying address of previously convicted offender

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