The Prisoners Act, 1900

( ACT NO. III OF 1900 )

Attendance of Prisoners in Court

34. References in this Part to prisons, etc., to be construed as referring also to Reformatory Schools.

35. Power for Civil Courts to require appearance of prisoner to give evidence.

36. District Judge in certain cases to countersign orders made under section 35.

37. Power for certain Criminal Courts to require attendance of prisoner to give evidence or answer to charge.

38. Order to be transmitted through Magistrate of the district or sub-division in which person is confined.

39. Procedure where removal is desired of person confined more than one hundred miles from place where evidence is required.

40. Persons confined beyond limits of appellate jurisdiction of High Court Division.

41. Prisoner to be brought up.

42. Power to Government to exempt certain prisoners from operation of this Part.

43. Officer in charge of prison when to abstain from carrying out order.

Commissions for Examination of Prisoners

44. Commissions for examination of prisoners.

45. Commissions for examination of prisoners beyond limits of appellate jurisdiction of High Court Division.

46. Commission how to be directed.

Service of Process on Prisoners

47. Process how served on prisoners.

48. Process served to be transmitted at prisoner’s request.


49. [Omitted]

50. Deposit of costs.

51. Power to make rules under this Part

52. Power to declare who shall be deemed officer in charge of prison.

53. [Repealed]

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