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The Prisoners Act, 1900

( ACT NO. III OF 1900 )

Attendance of Prisoners in Court

District Judge in certain cases to countersign orders made under section 35.
36.(1) Where an order under section 35 is made in any civil matter pending,-
(a) in a Court subordinate to the District Judge, or
(b) in a Court of Small Causes,
it shall not be forwarded to the officer to whom it is directed, or acted upon by him, until it has been submitted to, and countersigned by,-
(i) the District Judge to which the Court is subordinate, or
(ii) the District Judge within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the Court of Small Causes is situate.
(2) Every order submitted to the District Judge under sub-section (1) shall be accompanied by a statement, under the hand of the Judge of the subordinate Court or Court of Small Causes, as the case may be, of the facts which in his opinion render the order necessary, and the District Judge may, after considering such statement, decline to countersign the order.

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