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The Tolls (Army and Air-Force)Act, 1901

( ACT NO. II Of 1901 )

2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
(a) the expression “authorized followers” means persons other than officers, soldiers or airmen, who are employed by, or are in the service of, the Forces, 1[or Corps] concerned, or are in the service of any officer, soldier or airman of such Forces, 2[or Corps];
(b) “carriage” means a vehicle for carriage or haulage other than one specially constructed for use on rails;
(c) “ferry” includes every bridge and other thing which is a ferry within the meaning of any enactment authorizing the levy of tolls on ferries, but does not include any ferry or other thing which is included in the definition of “railway” in section 3 of the Railways Act, 1890;
(d) the expressions “the Bangladesh Army” and “The Bangladesh Air Force” include the Reserves, respectively, of the Bangladesh Army and the Bangladesh Air Force, when subject to military or air force law, as the case may be;
(e) “horse” includes a mule and any beast of whatever description which is used for burden or draught or for carrying persons;
(f) the expression “Irregular Corps” means any force 3[* * *] raised and maintained in Bangladesh under the authority of the Government or any other force which may be specified in this behalf by a notification published in the official Gazette;
(g) the expression “Bangladesh Reserve Forces” means the forces constituted under the 4[Army and Air Force (Reserves) Act, 1950];
(h) “landing-place” includes a pier, wharf, quay, jetty and a stage, whether fixed or floating;
5[(i) “public authority” means the Government, or a local authority;]
(j) “tolls” includes duties, dues, rates, rents, fees and charges, but does not include customs duties levied under the Tariff Act, 1934, octroi duties or town duties on the import of goods, or fares paid for the conveyance of passengers on a tramway.

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