The Registration Act, 1908

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1908 )

(A) As to the Register-books and Indexes

51. Register-books to be kept in the several offices

52. Duties of registering officers when document presented

52A. Registering Officer not to register unless certain particulars are included in an instrument of sale

53. Entries to be numbered consecutively

54. Current indexes and entries therein

55. Indexes to be made by registering officers, and their contents

56. [Repealed]

57. Registering officers to allow inspection of certain books and indexes, and to give certified copies of entries

(B) As to the Procedure on admitting to Registration

58. Particulars to be endorsed on document admitted to registration

59. Endorsements to be dated and signed by registering officer

60. Certificate of registration

61. Endorsements and certificate to be copied and document returned

62. Procedure on presenting document in language unknown to registering officer

63. Power to administer oaths and record of substance of statements

[(BB) Special Duties of Registering Officer

63A. Procedure where documents not properly valued.

(c) Special Duties of Sub-Registrar

64. Procedure where document relates to land in several sub-districts

65. Procedure where document relates to land in several districts

(D) Special Duties of Registrar

66. Procedure after registration of documents relating to land

67. Omitted

(E) Of the Controlling Powers of Registrars and Inspectors-General

68. Power of Registrar to superintend and control Sub-Registrars

70. Power of Inspector-General to remit fines

69. Power of Inspector-General to superintend registration offices and make rules

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