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The Official Trustees Act, 1913

( ACT NO. II OF 1913 )

Transfer of trust property by Official Trustee to original trustee or any other trustee
29. (1) Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to prevent the transfer by the Official Trustee of any property vested in him to-
(a) the original trustee (if any); or
(b) any other lawfully appointed trustee; or
(c) any other person if the Court so directs.
(2) Upon such transfer such property shall vest in such trustee, and shall be held by him upon the same trusts as those upon which it was held prior to such transfer, and the Official Trustee shall be exempt from all liability as trustee of such property except in respect of acts done before such transfer:
Provided that, in the case of any transfer under this section, the Official Trustee shall be entitled to retain out of the property any fees leviable in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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