The Administrator General's Act, 1913

( ACT NO. III OF 1913 )

1♣An Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to the office and duties of Administrator General.

WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate and amend the Law relating to the office and duties of Administrator General; It is hereby enacted as follows:-



1. Short title, extent and commencement

2. Interpretation clause

3. Appointment of administrators General

4. Appointment and powers of Deputy Administrators General

5. Administrator General to be a corporation sole, to have perpetual succession and official seal, and to sue and be sued in his corporate name

(a) Grants of letters of administration and probate

6. As regards Administrator General, High Court Division to be deemed a Court of competent jurisdiction for the purpose of granting probate or letter of administration

7. Administrator General entitled to letters of administration, unless granted to next-of-kin

8. Administrator General entitled to letters of administration in preference to creditor, non-universal legatee or friends

9. When Administrator General is to administer estates of persons other than exempted persons

10. Power to direct Administrator General to apply for administration

11. Power to direct Administrator General to collect and hold assets until right of succession or administration is determined

12. Grant of probate or letters of administration to person appearing in the course of proceedings taken by Administrator General under sections 9, 10 and 11

13. Grant of administration to Administrator General in certain cases

14. Administrator General not precluded from applying for letters within one month after death

(b) Estates of Persons subject to the Army Act or the Air Force Act.

15. [Omitted]

16. [Omitted]

17. [Omitted]

(c) Revocation of grants

18. Recall of Administrator General’s administration, and grant of probate, etc., to executor or next-of-kin

19. Cost of obtaining administration, etc., may, on revocation, be ordered to be paid to Administrator General out of assets

20. After revocation, letters granted to Administrator General to be deemed as to him to have been voidable only

21. Payments made by Administrator General prior to revocation

(d) General

22. Administrator General’s petition for grant of letters of administration

23. Name in which probate or letters to be granted

24. Effect of probate or letters granted to Administrator General

25. Transfer by private executor or a administrator of interest under probate or letters

26. Distribution of assets

27. Appointment of official Trustee as trustee of assets after completion of administration

28. Power for High Court Division to give directions regarding administration of estate

29. No security nor oath to be required from Administrator General

Manner in which petitions to be verified by Administrator General and his Deputy

Entry of Administrator General not to constitute notice of a trust

30. Power to examine on oath

(e) Grant of Certificates

31. In what case Administrator General may grant certificate

32. Grant of certificate to creditors and power to take charge of certain estates

33. Administrator General not bound to grant certificate unless satisfied of claimant’s title, etc.

34. Effect of certificate

35. Revocation of certificate

36. Surrender of revoked certificate

36A. Payment to holder of certificate before it is revoked

37. Administrator General not bound to take out administration on account of assets for which he has granted certificate

38. Transfer of certain assets from Bangladesh, to executor or administrator in country of domicile for distribution

(f) Liability

39. Liability of Government

40. Creditors’ suits against Administrator General

41. Notice of suit not required in certain cases

42. Fees

43. Disposal of fees

44. Audit of Administrator General’s accounts

45. Auditors to examine accounts and report to Government

46. Power of auditors to summon and examine witnesses, and to call for documents

47. Costs of audit, etc.

48. General powers of administration

49. Power of person beneficially interested to inspect Administrator General’s accounts, etc., and take copies

50. Power to make rules

51. False evidence

52. Assets unclaimed for twelve years to be transferred to Government

53. Mode of proceeding by claimant to recover principal money so transferred.

54. District Judge in certain cases to take charge of property of deceased persons, and to report to Administrator General

55. Succession Act and Companies Act not to affect Administrator General

56. Order of Court to be equivalent to decree

57. Provision for administration by Consular Officer, in case of death in certain circumstances of foreign subject

58. [Repealed]

59. Saving of provisions Registration Act, 1908

59A. [Omitted]

60. [Repealed]