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The Administrator General's Act, 1913

( ACT NO. III OF 1913 )

Appointment of administrators General
3. 1[(1) The Government shall appointed an Administrator General for the whole of Bangladesh.
(2) No person shall be appointed to the office of the Administrator General who is not an advocate within the meaning of clause (a) of Article 2 of the Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Order, 1972.]
Appointment and powers of Deputy Administrators General
4. The Government may appoint a Deputy or Deputies to assist the Administrator General; and any Deputy so appointed shall, subject to the control of the Government and the general or special orders of the Administrator General, be competent to discharge any of the duties and to exercise any of the powers of the Administrator General, and when discharging such duties or exercising such powers shall have the same privileges and be subject to the same liabilities as the Administrator General.
Administrator General to be a corporation sole, to have perpetual succession and official seal, and to sue and be sued in his corporate name
5. The Administrator General shall be a corporation sole by the name of the Administrator General of 2[* * *] and, as such Administrator General, shall have perpetual succession and an official seal, and may sue and be sued in his corporate name.

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